How To Prepare Food For Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Raising a black soldier flies with fermented rice bran is being used by many people because of its convenience. Because sometimes, your farm’s supply of fresh food for BSF larvae is interrupted, not as stable as we intended it to be. Or the food we are stored in storage may go bad before the fly larvae have a chance to eat them. There is a way that you can work around this problem and make the fly larvae food last longer without losing their nutrients. That is “Men Rice Bran”, let’s take a look at how to raise black soldier flies with rice bran below. Let’s find out with BSF Smart Farm.

Fermented Rice Bran

The fermentation of rice bran as food for larvae will prolong the storage time of “fermented rice bran” up to nearly 6 months. When properly fermented, this rice bran will be able to ensure food for your black soldier fly farm without worrying about it becoming moldy, beetle, or foul-smelling. Upon fermentation, it will emit a slightly sour, completely odorless odor. This is a fly feed method that we recommend as it is well suited for fly farms or individual black soldier fly breeders whose culture areas are close to residential areas.

The formula of Fermented Rice Bran is:

  • 40 grams of yeast / lactic acid bacteria / bread yeast
  • 1 kg of wheat bran / rice bran
  • 80 kg of yams / potatoes / pulp / cassava roots / leftovers
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 40 liters of water

Step 1: Use yeast to enamel food

Usually, to ferment 80 kg of food waste, we have to use a yeast/fermentation agent. Basically, the fermentation of the food will destroy the food, making it smaller and making it easier for the larvae of the BSF to absorb. At the same time, the fermentation of food will help eliminate the odors of the food stored for our fly farm. The best fermenters you can use are those derived from Lactobacillus, Bacillus, Streptomyces, Saccharomyces. So the fermentation of food for BSF larvae is very essential.

Step 2: Use rice bran to activate the yeast

Rice bran, wheat bran, or rice water mistakenly help activate the enzymes that you put into action. Adding the sugar ingredients to your food will help the yeast bacteria to be stronger. If you can’t find sugar, you can find sugar cane, sugar cane juice, or any other sugar.

Step 3: Mix the foods well

In a 120 liter tank, mix the ingredients by hand. If your fly farm is Large, you can use a tank mixer or heavy cement mixer to save time. After mixing is complete, place the mixing container in a cool, shady place with a lid on top. After 1 week of fermentation, remember to gently open the lid to release some of the CO2, a byproduct of this fermentation. After that, you can just leave the fermentation vats there and just take out some of the food for the BSF larvae you need whenever you see fit.

Step 4: Use after 10 days of incubation

After 10 days of fermentation, you will be able to use them. You can let the yeast ferment for as long as you like. You may see some white or fluffy membranes on the top surface of the food you have mixed and this is fine. It will not harm the food supply you mix with your BSF larvae. In a nutshell, a fermented rice brandish is a kind of pickle for people to eat. When you like, you can get the food you have pre-mixed for your farm flies to consume. Any food that you have finished mixing will not spoil if kept in a cool, shady place with a moderate temperature.

Why Does Fermentation Help Food To Last Longer?

The benefit of making feed that is fermented and then fed to your farm’s black soldier fly larvae is the acidic environment it produces. This acidic substance makes it nearly impossible for other life forms to survive, except for the bacteria in the yeast. That is why the smell of the food you ferment will be almost completely absent. Because there is no odor, the food you store in a fermented manner will not attract harmful “House Flies” to the food that you take a lot of effort to brew.

Does Enzyme Hat Work Harm Europe?

THAT DOESN’T HALF! Fermentation of food is the way people use it to preserve food for human consumption, which has been around for more than 10,000 years. Sour fermented dishes such as pickles, pickles, pickles, pickles, pickles … are fermented dishes in the same way as the “Fermented Rice Bran” in the article. write this. That is why the food sources for BSF larvae are safe. Not to mention the black soldier fly larvae are the type with the most powerful digestive system in the insect world. So you can completely rest assured that your farm fly larvae taste.

Benefits Of Fermenting Fly Food

Making fermented food to feed the flies helps your farm to store and actively calculate food sources for your farm. Besides, your fly farm will reduce unpleasant odors affecting the surrounding area, thereby avoiding environmental pollution. Not to mention that fermenting food to reduce the number of toxins in the food can be dangerous to your black soldier fly larvae.

Nutritional Value Of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

BSFL Rich In Nutrients

BSFL are rich in a range of nutrients. Dried BSF larvae contain up to 50% protein, 35% fat (with an amino acid composition similar to fishmeal), 6% Calcium, 1.2% Phosphorus, 1% Magnesium, 0.3% sodium … Therefore, BSF larvae are recognized and used as alternative protein sources for poultry, pigs and some fish and shrimp species.

A summary of the basic Nutritional Value in BSF larvae:

NUTRIENT % Nutritional Value – 100g Dried BSF Larvae
Protein 50%
Fat 35%
Calcium 6%
Phosphorus 1,2%
Magnesium 1%
Sodium 0,3%

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