What Is Black Soldier Fly Larvae? What’s the Effect?

The growing development of Vietnam’s agricultural industry leads to an increasing demand for fertilizer in Vietnam, about 50-60 million tons/year. The source of production and import of organic fertilizers in Vietnam is currently only about 3.2 million tons/year. Join BSF Smart Farm to learn more about the best fertilizer on the market today.

What Is Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

When it comes to Black Soldier Fly Larvae, it is the name that refers to the feces of black soldier fly larvae that are excreted from their body after breaking down food, not the feces of adult black soldier flies. The droppings of fly larvae after collection will be dried. At this time, the larva’s feces will look like shredded soil, which can be used on the farm in the home garden to fertilize houseplants.


Fertilizer made from black soldier fly larvae is a high-grade fertilizer with extremely high nutritional content, very good for plants. The N-P-K value is a common way to display the nutrient levels of different fertilizers. The N-P-K value of a fertilizer describes the concentration of nutrients in the fertilizer including: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K).

Nutrition in black soldier fly larval feces according to N-P-K values ​​usually includes:

  • Nitrogen (in – Nts): 2.1%
  • Phosphorus (in terms of P2O5ts): 2.57%
  • Potassium (in K2Ots): 1.2%

The results of evaluating the content of nutrients in Black Soldier Flies larval manure raised from beer wort and mixed with some organic waste (vegetables) give a lot of good signals for the use. or mix Black Soldier Fly Larvae to produce bio-organic fertilizer. The specific parameters of nutrients contained in Black Soldier Fly Larvae are as follows:

  • PH: 5,25
  • OM: 65,5%
  • Nts: 2,1%
  • Axit Humic: 1,93%
  • Axit Fulvic: 4,61%
  • K2Ots: 1,2%
  • P2O5ts: 2,57%
  • CaO: 3,75%
  • MgO: 1,28%
  • Zn: 77,3ppm


Classification BSF fertilizer, Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Other Names Fertiliser, Frass, Black Soldier Fly Frass, BSF Frass, BSF Compost, Compost, Organic, Soil Conditioner, Plant based fertiliser
Type Organic Fertilizer
Release type Late release
State Dry/Gravel
purity 100% Frass
Uses Fertilizing ornamental plants, fertilizing flowers, mixing fertilizers….
Size 0.5 – 1mm
Solubility Partially soluble
Organic Problem > 50%
Humidity <30%
Color Dark Brown with Black
Packing 20kg per bag or 400kg per FIBC Bag

Advantages of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

  1. Black soldier flies grow and develop well in narrow space conditions in tropical climates, so organic fertilizer production from black soldier flies is being applied by many farmers.
  2. Breeders can use black soldier flies to decompose livestock manure without causing odors, creating no waste water sources, creating no greenhouse effect, reducing waste volume by 80% to 90%.
  3. Organic fertilizer from black soldier fly is a high quality organic fertilizer with relatively low cost compared to buying fertilizer from factories.
  4. Producing organic fertilizer from black soldier fly not only provides fertilizer for plants, farmers can also use black soldier fly larvae as food for livestock, and improve barns. Moreover, selling organic fertilizers from black soldier flies also brings profits to farmers.


  • Use directly for soil
  • Use in combination with other fertilizers.
  • Use as organic fertilizer in clean agriculture.
  • Use as high-grade probiotics to stimulate plants.

Effect of Black Soldier Fly Larvae on Plants

Unlike traditional manure, Black Soldier Fly Larvae has nutrients in an easily absorbed form, so it is easily absorbed by plants. Can be applied directly to the plant after mixing without having to wait for ripening. In addition, the effects of Black Soldier Fly Larvae can be mentioned as stimulating plant growth, increasing water retention in the soil and preventing root diseases…

Provide nutrients for plants

Black Soldier Fly larva manure provides essential minerals for the growth and development of plants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. At the same time, it also contains manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borate , iron.. These substances can be immediately absorbed by plants, unlike other organic fertilizers, which must decompose in the soil before being absorbed by plants. There will be no danger or burning of plants when applying Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Black Soldier Fly Larval Manure stimulates germination

Nutrient sources from organic humus, fulvic acid, humic acid, IAA hormone and many trace elements will stimulate seed germination very quickly and effectively. At the same time, it also helps to stimulate the growth of roots and shoots.

Supplement beneficial microorganisms to improve soil, disease resistance

Black Soldier Fly Larval Manure contains a lot of highly active microorganisms. Especially free nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azotobacter), phosphorus-degrading bacteria, cellulose-degrading bacteria and biological catalysts. When Black Soldier Flies Fertilizer is applied to the soil, beneficial microorganisms continue to be active in the soil.

Provide organic humus, increase resistance, reduce toxins, detoxify

Black Soldier Fly Larvae is rich in water-soluble nutrients and contains more than 50% of the humus found in the topsoil. Fulvic acid humus in larval manure eliminates toxins, harmful fungi and harmful bacteria in the soil, so it can prevent and repel diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. Therefore, Black Soldier Fly Larvae helps to limit the possibility of plant pests and diseases.

Black Soldier Fly larva manure reduces the carbon acid content of the soil and increases the nitrogen concentration to stimulate plant growth.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae has the ability to fix heavy metals in waste and soil. This prevents plants from absorbing more of the mineral complex than they need.

Keeping pH stable helps plants absorb nutrients easily

Black Soldier Fly Larvae has a pH of 7 so it acts as a barrier, helping plants grow in a moderate soil pH that optimizes plant growth.

Stimulating growth

Humic acid in Black Soldier Flies manure, stimulates the growth, flowering and fruiting of plants. In Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Humic Acid is in a state that is most readily absorbed by plants. Humic acid also stimulates the growth of microorganisms in the soil.

IAA (Indole Acetic Acid) contained in Black Soldier Fly Larvae is one of the effective stimulants to help plants grow well.

Moisturizing, anti-erosion

Black Soldier Foliage Manure increases the water holding capacity of the soil because Black Soldier Flies Drops are cubic, which are clusters of minerals that combine in such a way that they can prevent erosion and increase water holding capacity. , contributes to making the soil porous and retains moisture longer, contributing to soil improvement.

Current Black Soldier Flies Manure Price

The price of conventional fertilizer is always unpredictable, making farmers unable to take initiative in funding and farming budget. But with BSF Smart Farm making quality products, the prerequisite is price stability to help farmers always feel secure in farming.

The price of Black Soldier Fly larva manure currently ranges from 15,000 VND – 20,000 VND/kg depending on the desired purity and processing form of the customer.

In addition to large farms, BSF Smart Farm fertilizer agents also have many attractive promotions with much cheaper prices. Contact Hotline 0961079879 for BSF to enthusiastically advise you.


Prepare materials

  • Styrofoam, plastic buckets, plastic trays… with tight lids.
  • Leftover rice
  • Rice water, bean pods
  • Soybean meal (peas)
  • Discarded vegetables
  • Paring
  • Cow dung
  • Pig manure
  • Organic waste
  • Black soldier fly larval biomass

Instructions on how to

Step 1: Put the foam box or plastic buckets, plastic trays in a cool place, the box must have a lid to prevent rain, sun, rats, cats, and insect damage.

Step 2: After preparing the box, then add organic waste vegetables including rice water, bean pods, bean residues, leftover rice, vegetable stems such as water spinach, spinach, fruit peels such as bananas, watermelons… put in containers, trays.

Step 3: Prepare black soldier fly larvae biomass: you can get black soldier fly larvae biomass by buying eggs to incubate, instructions on how to incubate are available, you can call HOTLINE 0961079879 for advice.

Step 4: After grinding or mincing the prepared organic waste mixture, sprinkle the black soldier fly larvae biomass on the surface of the organic biomass.

Step 5: Close the lid to allow black soldier fly larvae to decompose organic waste.

Step 6: Black soldier fly larva is a species that can decompose garbage super fast. You only need 7-14 days to harvest fresh larval and larval manure to feed livestock or raise fish very effectively.

Step 7: Harvest manure after 7-14 days. Because the nutrition of black soldier fly larvae is very high and concentrated, you need to mix it with a moderate dose for the plants to absorb. It is recommended to mix with a ratio of 1:10 to avoid shock.


There are many ways to filter black soldier fly larvae.

  • With wet biomass: You build a pyramid-shaped pile of larvae that will huddle down and faeces on top. All you have to do is scrape the poop and you’re done.
  • With dry biomass: You can sieve the manure with a rack, the sieve has a small hole for deep separation and manure.


Stimulating germination

Use 20 – 30% vermicompost mixed with soil, considered as the best germination mixture to ensure that the plant grows continuously for 3 months without any other food. Has the ability to increase the germination rate of seeds, help seedlings grow quickly and have a high survival rate.

As a conditioner

If you put vermicompost and water regularly on a barren land that has been excavated, this layer will be improved significantly (3000 – 3500 kg/ha).

Like fertilizer

Putting vermicompost directly around the base of the tree (doesn’t cause damage to the tree if used a lot) to fertilize trees, vegetables and fruits of all kinds will create a superior food and high yield.

Like liquid fertilizer

Mixable with water at a ratio of 1/5, this liquid mixture can be used as a premium fertilizer and has the ability to control pests when sprayed directly on stems and leaves.

As a land reclamator

Because vermicompost contains thousands of worm cocoons/kg, when we fertilize the soil with vermicompost, under favorable conditions, the worm cocoons will hatch and live on our own cultivated land – which we all know. Where worms live, the soil is always fertile and porous.

In addition, you can refer to the following dosage:

  • Bonsai: Depending on the needs of the tree.
  • Vegetables and tubers: Fertilize 250-300 kg/1000m2
  • Fruit trees: Apply 0.5 – 1 kg/tree. Fertilize 1-2 times/year, depending on the age of the tree.
  • Pepper plants: Apply 1-2 kg / pepper, apply 1-2 times / year

Where to buy Quality Black Soldier Fly Larvae

  • If you are looking for a unit that provides quality, convenient and affordable products at the same time, it can only be the Black Soldier Flies Manure brand BSF Smart Farm.
  • Being the pioneer in producing Black Soldier Flies Manure with the largest scale in Vietnam. The products of BSF Smart Farm ensure quality, stability, and are managed by a modern and strict production process.
  • Here, you can choose for yourself a variety of Black Soldier Fly Larvae lines depending on the purpose of use including: Raw manure, Refined manure, pellets. Your purchase process as well as product discovery will be enthusiastically supported by a dedicated customer care team and technicians.
  • As for the price, you don’t need to worry because the products that come to you always ensure the price goes hand in hand with the quality, minimizing the situation of guillotine.
  • With an extensive transportation system across 63 provinces, you can buy Black Soldier Fly Larvae anywhere, from rural to urban, from mountainous to coastal, from north to south, no matter you where are you. Guaranteed to reach you, it will be a product that is streamlined in terms of shipping costs and brings the most convenience.

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