To bring the best convenience and experience to customers, BSF SMART FARM has suitable policies when customers need to return products. We always want to bring customers the best products and quality of service.
The return of the product has some specific conditions, please refer to the detailed information below:

1. Product return / exchange conditions

The product does not match the color, design, and size of the order.
Technical error due to manufacturer.
Products for exchange must be new, intact, not torn or cracked, show no signs of having been laundered and used.
Products must have full stamps, labels, warranty cards and purchase invoices.
Products in exchange are still within the time allowed to return
Applicable to products purchased online (website, Facebook) and directly at the BSF SMART FARM showroom, we do not support orders purchased at other locations.
Not applicable to products in other promotions and liquidated products.
The customer can only return the product provided that Mr Vui has no alternative product of the same type (color, design, size).

2. Product return / exchange term

Product redemption period: 10 days for online customers and 7 days for customers who buy directly at the store from the day customers receive the goods.
Time to return the product: 07 days for customers buying online and 3 days for customers buying directly at the store from the day customers receive the goods.
If we exceed the time specified above, we will not accept exchange / return the product for any reason

3. Time-limit for product returns to customers

For customers who buy online: Immediately after receiving your exchanged / returned products, we will conduct product evaluation and notify the results and the exchange / return settlement plan to customers within 3 up to 5 days
For customers who buy directly at the store: When customers bring products to exchange / return directly at the store, the store staff will check and notify customers at the store. The store’s staff will give specific advice to customers to choose the best option.

4. Product exchange / return form

Products can only be exchanged / returned once
Please come directly to the BSF SMART FARM store indicated on the purchase invoice (for customers in Ho Chi Minh)
For customers in other regions, please email

5. Refund form

1. In case of product exchange

If the customer wants to change another product with a higher price than the exchanged product, the customer must compensate more money and if it is lower, the difference will not be refunded.
In case customers buy online:
BSF SMART FARM will bear 100% of the shipping cost to the customer if the exchanged product meets the conditions stated in Section 1 (conditions for exchange / return of the product).
In case the product is not defective but the customer still requests to change, the customer will be charged 10% of the total bill + 2nd shipping fee (according to the consultant).
In case the customer has paid online for the first product, the difference will be paid for the exchanged product (if any) by bank transfer.
New delivery time is 7 days at the latest from the day Mr. Vui received the product to be changed
Where customers buy directly at the store
The product is not defective but the customer still requests to change, the customer will be charged 10% of the total bill.
The customer who paid for the first product, will pay the difference for the exchanged product (if any) in cash.

2. For product returns

A 100% refund will be issued if the BSF SMART FARM does not have a replacement product and the product must meet the eligibility specified in Section 1.
BSF SMART FARM will bear all shipping costs associated with the return of the product.
Customers who have paid online will be refunded no later than 30 days from the date BSF SMART FARM received the paid product.
Note: Customers should take a photo of the product before exchanging / returning the goods, keeping the product will help customers as evidence if there are problems arising in the return process.