VANDALSOFT partner from Korea highly appreciates the potential of products from black soldier fly of BSF Smart Farm Company

Over 4 years of development, BSF Smart Farm Company has been a leader in applying smart technology to the agricultural industry and achieved many successes with the development of products from black soldier flies (BSF). This has attracted the attention of many foreign partners such as Japan (see more).

And recently, on August 4, 2023, BSF Smart Farm had a meeting with its partner VANDALSOFT from Korea to explore this unique natural resource and the possibility of exporting to the Korean market.

Black soldier fly (BSF) is an insect beneficial to the agricultural industry and has been utilized by BSF Smart Farm to produce high quality products. The research and development center, development of biotechnology (BSF BIOTECH CENTER) has extracted ingredients from black bees, including nutrients and other active ingredients, to create useful products for plants, animals and pets. By applying smart technology, BSF Smart Farm has gone further in providing safe and effective products for the agricultural industry.

Partner VANDALSOFT from Korea highly appreciates the potential of black bee products and has shown special interest in products containing calcium worm powder and dried calcium worm powder.


Calcium worm powder is used in food processing for livestock, bringing high nutritional value and enhancing animal health. Dried calcium worm, a kind of pet food, provides the necessary nutrients for the growth and care of pets.

The demand for organic products directly or indirectly for users is not only in Vietnam but international partners are also very interested, promising export potential and also an opportunity for BSF Smart Farm to reach international level, gradually conquering difficult markets such as Japan, Korea.

Through a friendly and open working meeting, the management of BSF Smart Farm and its partner VANDALSOFT exchanged knowledge and experience on the use of black bee products in agriculture and animal husbandry. This cooperation promises to bring many business and development opportunities for both sides.

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