Together with BSF Smart Farm, develop the economy from raising Black Soldier Flies

Currently, the use of insects in livestock farming is a trend in the world, the method of treating organic waste as environmentally friendly agricultural by-products is also of top concern, and at the same time applying the following models: high-tech agriculture.

With its strength in agriculture, more than 80% of the population lives on farming, Vietnam has the advantage of ensuring food security over most developing countries in Asia, and plays a major role in supporting food security. real for other countries. Currently, industrial farming such as pigs, chickens, and fish largely depends on protein sources provided from soybeans and marine fish. Increasing global food demand coupled with environmental concerns has caused the cost of both protein sources to rapidly increase in recent years. The cost of these input materials is increasing, while the output of the product is not stable, causing people working in industrial livestock farming to struggle and face difficulties.

In order to promote agricultural potential, help Vietnamese farmers improve their lives and increase income from smart agricultural and farm models, BSF Smart Farm is one of the pioneers in production. animal feed ingredients from protein-rich insects, from black soldier fly (BSF), scientifically known as (Hermetia illucens), to replace current unsustainable protein sources.

Some biological studies have shown that black soldier flies are harmless flies, because they do not enter houses or restaurants, but live separately from humans. They do not have mouths, so they do not bite and have not been shown to carry infectious diseases. In contrast, black soldier fly pupae ate and digested organic waste to convert the waste into protein biomass with high biological value.

Protein sources processed from BSF can replace unsustainable traditional protein sources. By converting low-value biomass energy into high-quality products from insects. BSF Smart Farm is a combination of many technologies and scientific research to apply black soldier flies to create a rich source of nutrition and reduce the cost of animal feed. BSF Smart Farm has created an important missing “link” in the food supply chain in Vietnam and globally.

BSF Smart Farm researches and provides solutions and tools to support black soldier fly farming at the highest efficiency.

 BSF Smart Farm‘s mission is to research, provide solutions and tools to support black soldier fly farming at the highest efficiency, helping farmers take full advantage of organic waste resources to save on livestock costs. , thereby increasing income for farmers and farm owners increasing economic efficiency.

In addition, BSF Smart Farm also researches and applies microbiological technology combining calcium worms/black soldier fly larvae into the treatment of organic waste; Pig, cow, chicken manure, household waste, production and processing waste, tubers, fruits…; Turning waste into organic microbial fertilizer, thereby helping to limit a large amount of waste in the fastest time compared to the usual traditional methods: burying, composting or burning…

BSF Smart Farm researches and provides solutions and tools to support black soldier fly farming at the highest efficiency.

BSF Smart Farm also helps people take full advantage of the advantages of processing organic waste products of calcium worms/black soldier fly larvae, creating a source of high-quality “super food” for building models of Gardens Pond Cage. (G.P.C) is smart by raising livestock that brings high economic efficiency such as shrimp, crabs, fish, chickens, wild boar, pheasants and especially swiftlets.

All black soldier fly farming processes and high-tech livestock models will be consulted and technology transferred completely free of charge by BSF Smart Farm experts. At the same time, we also support farmers with the output of commercial black soldier flies, dried calcium worms, pheasants…

Introducing the black soldier fly farming model to farmers.

Black soldier flies (H. illucens Linnaeus 1758) belong to the black fly family (Stratiomyidae) originating in tropical, subtropical and warm regions of the Americas. In terms of appearance, adult black soldier flies are black in color, have a wasp-like body shape and have a body length of 15 – 20 mm, can be up to 27 mm, a width of 6 mm, and weigh up to 220 mg in the late larval stage (Makkar et al., 2014).

Adult black soldier flies usually do not eat food (but mainly depend on the amount of fat stored in the larval stage) and do not carry pathogens (Makkar et al., 2014). Adult flies are also not attracted to human habitations or foods and are also considered non-pest species (van Huis et al., 2013). Therefore, black soldier fly larvae are very suitable for decomposing organic waste and creating a protein source that can be used as animal feed.

In particular, the black soldier fly has been recognized by the United Nations Agricultural and Trade Organization (FAO) as a priority insect breed to treat waste and use protein content to replace depleted fish resources. Therefore, this can be considered an object to be researched and used as an effective solution in terms of both environmental sustainability and economic value.


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