The best rooftop vegetables that BSF Smart Farm recommends you grow

Green living is a healthy lifestyle that many people are pursuing today. Taking advantage of the terrace to grow vegetables is also a way to live green and provide delicious meals for the family. Let’s join BSF Smart Farm in listing vegetables grown on the terrace that are both delicious and nutritious and also easy to care for!

The best rooftop vegetables that you should grow

Spice vegetable

In Vietnamese meals, spices are an indispensable ingredient to help make the flavor of the dish more delicious and sublime. Spices are familiar vegetables such as dill, perilla, herbs, lettuce, basil…

These vegetables are often fragrant, and many have spicy flavors that add richness and flavor to the dish. more flavorful. Spiced vegetables are vegetables that every family should have, especially during the epidemic to have food in reserve to be able to eat freely. These vegetables are also very easy to grow, just need good seeds, a few Styrofoam containers with soil, and Ferti Pro fertilizer to easily own a good green vegetable garden.


Perhaps no one knows this national vegetable – water spinach. This is a vegetable that many people are passionate about and can be transformed into any delicious dish. The simplest is boiled water spinach, rustic but very delicious. Water spinach with a squeeze of lemon has a very cool and sour taste. Water spinach plants grow well in hot and humid conditions, with temperatures ranging from 25 – 30 degrees Celsius, in full sunlight. In addition, this is a short-term vegetable, it can be harvested after 1 month of planting. Planting is also simple and does not require elaborate care. Water spinach can be grown hydroponically or in foam containers.


 Sprouts are a type of young vegetable, although small, they are extremely nutritious. This vegetable when sold in supermarkets is quite expensive because it is very nutritious. However, there is nothing to worry about because you can absolutely grow them right at home. The way to grow sprouts is very simple, you can plant seeds such as mustard greens, water spinach, amaranth, black sesame… Depending on the type of seed, the harvest date is different, but usually sprouts are grown in 5-7 days. can be harvested. Sprouts are easy to grow and harvest quickly, have 5 times more nutritional content than normal vegetables and can especially prepare many delicious dishes for the family.


Kale is also one of the nutritious vegetables that is popular with many housewives. This vegetable is very good but very few people know about it. It has a slightly bitter sweet flavor. Kale contains many nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, fiber and other minerals such as folate, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. Plants usually take 70 – 95 days to harvest. Kale can be eaten raw or processed into clean dishes that are very good for weight loss.


Lettuce, also known as duckweed, duckweed, is an indispensable vegetable in a delicious and quality meal. Lettuce is also grown a lot by housewives because it is easy to care for and also very nutritious. In particular, when this vegetable gets old, the leaves tend to darken and taste more bitter. Old lettuce also contains more nutritional value.

This is a rich source of vitamins to provide energy and improve health for family members. Lettuce contains a lot of iron, potassium, magnesium, copper which are abundant for the body and is rich in fiber. Lettuce is also very easy to grow and can be grown all year round. With just good seeds and soil, you can own an extremely high-quality vegetable garden.

Besides the vegetables mentioned above, there are many types of vegetables that can be grown on the terrace such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins… The terrace is truly a promised land for countless green and nutritious vegetables. Women can grow the vegetables they like right in this small, private corner.

If you don’t know how to grow vegetables effectively? Don’t worry because BSF Smart Farm will accompany and share with you the simplest and most effective vegetable growing tips to serve the vegetable growing process.

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