Summary of 3 years of BSF Smart Farm after applying the 5S management process (Kaizen Method) of Japan

BSF Smart Farm Company, with more than 4 years of experience in the smart agriculture industry, has successfully applied the Japanese 5S management process to production, business and customer care activities. This has brought significant success and fame to the company and created a prestigious name for BSF Smart Farm in the community.

The 5S management process includes 5 important steps: sorting (seiri), arranging (seiton), cleanliness (seiso), care (seiketsu) and readiness (shitsuke). BSF Smart Farm has applied this process to its production stages to increase performance and product quality.

The 5S process aims to create a clean, neat and efficient working environment. By applying 5S principles, BSF Smart Farm company has increased productivity, reduced waste and improved work quality.

Automation and smart technology applications are important features of the BSF Smart Farm company. Through research and application of modern technology, the company has developed an exclusive formula from black soldier flies to create high quality agricultural products.

This exclusive formula was developed by the BSF Biotechnology R&D Center, ensuring product origin and quality.

BSF Smart Farm always puts customers’ interests and consumer health first. All product lines produced by the company comply with quality and safety criteria.

With the successful application of the 5S management process and the dedication of all employees, BSF Smart Farm has reached new heights. The company not only enhances productivity and product quality but also attracts attention and trust from partners and customers.

The company will continue to research and develop new technology, strengthen 5S management and ensure product quality to meet market needs and serve customers in the best way.

BSF Smart Farm is honored to win the “National Strong Brand 2023” award from the Hanoi anti-counterfeiting and brand protection association (HATAP)


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BSF Smart Farm is honored to receive the award “National Strong Brand 2023” from the Hanoi Anti-counterfeiting and Brand Protection Association (HATAP)

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