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What is Black Soldier Fly?

Black Soldier Fly (or: BSF) is the name of a very popular and widely known fly in the wild, propagated in many places around the world. Black Soldier Fly is one of the most beneficial flies that humans have ever known. They have many applications in Clean Agriculture, global organic waste treatment, and protein source for animal feed. For the great benefits that the black soldier fly brings to humans, and today they are very popular flies around the world, including Vietnam. BSF have been used in manure management and as a protein feed in many western countries

Black soldier flies are considered non-harmful, because when adult flies they do not have a mouth, do not eat, only drink water, and focus on reproduction. Because it does not have a mouth when it is an adult, this type of fly does not bite, does not harm the crops, does not transmit any infectious disease to livestock, poultry, pet… .. Not to mention the black soldier fly is also the counterpart of other species of toxic flies, as the BSF will compete for the breeding ground for the toxic flies that you want to eliminate on your farm.

Black soldier flies are very helpful, popular and considered non-harmful.

A Summary of Black Soldier Fly is as follows:

  • Name: Black Soldier Fly, BSF, Hermetia illucens….
  • Life Cycle: 38-45 days, going through 4 main stages of development.
  • The most beneficial BSF stages: larvae, pupa.
  • Size: 2.2 cm (Adult Flies)
  • Useful type: use to recycle agricultural residues, make animal feed, make protein powder…
  • Food source: for agricultural residues, baits, compost with other organic waste, human leftovers, Feed on manure, compost,…. and other organic waste

Black Soldier Fly Life Cycle.

Like other flies, the Black Soldier fly life cycle has a similar life cycle and closely resembles most common flies. The life cycle of BSF usually lasts from 38-45 days, going through 4 main stages of development, including Eggs, Larvae, Pupea, Adult Fly. A life cycle of about 45 days is from eggs to larvae, then from larvae to pupae, pupae develop into insects and breed.

Summary of the black soldier fly stages life cycle:

  1. Black soldier fly Eggs (BSF eggs)
  2. Black soldier fly Larvae (BSF larvae )
  3. Black soldier fly Pupae (BSF pupae)
  4. Adult black soldier fly (BSF)

The life cycle of BSF usually lasts from 38-45 days, going through 4 main stages of development, including Eggs, Larvae, Pupea, Adult Fly


The BSF eggs stage (day 0 to 4) is the first stage of the black soldier fly. At this stage, BSF breeders in Vietnam can sell black soldier fly eggs from their farms to propagate through other farms, thereby also creating a great source of income for fly farmers.

BSF Larvae

The BSF larvae stage (day 5 to 22) is the stage that creates the most value for black soldier fly breeders. At this stage, the fly farmers can sell the black soldier larvae for high-quality pet food, animal feed, larval oil extraction, fly larvae powder, chitosan extract… and many other applications in the industry and pharmaceutical industry.

BSF Pupa

The BSF Pupa stage (day 23 to 37) is the stage of cocooning black soldier fly pupation. After the black soldier fly pupae are harvested they are often mashed into pellets as a food source for livestock, poultry, fish, lizards, turtles, and even pets such as dogs, cats, and reptiles… can still be eaten. In addition, Black soldier fly pupae are also bought by many bird’s nest breeders as food for swallow bird called “Yen pupae”

Adult flies

In the BSF Adult stage (day 38 to 45), fly breeders keep them lay more eggs as possible to increase herds. In addition, when dead bodies of adult black soldier fly can be composted into organic fertilizer from high quality flies used for soil improvement. Fertilizer from the dead black soldier fly adults is being used by many organic vegetable farms in Vietnam

Are Black Soldier Flies Dangerous?

Black soldier flies are considered non-harmful. As adults, they do not have a mouth to eat, they can only absorb water and nectar in the wild to maintain energy for the body, focusing on the reproduction and maintenance of the species. BSFs eat only in their larvae stage and only eat things that are rotting so they don’t cause harm. Because of the lack of a mouth, the flies will not bite, do not harm crops or pets … Because they cannot eat, they only survive for 8 to 10 days depending on the amount of the fat reserves collected in the larval stage.

Black soldier flies do not harm the environment, crops, animals or people. On the contrary, they are one of the most useful flies ever known to man. Adult black soldier flies have no mouths and do not eat. They do not bite and only eat while still in the larval stage. Currently, the Black Soldier fly breed is not associated with the transmission of any disease to pets or humans. Black Soldier Fly lives in the wild and does not affect human activities. In addition, FAO of the United Nations also recommends countries around the world give priority to black soldier fly farming as a good solution to organic waste. Black soldier flies are harmless, are distributed around the world, and do not carry pathogens such as house flies.

What Is BSF Use For?

Black soldier flies (BSF) are the most powerful insects in the food supply chain of humans in the near future. Black soldier fly is used to: make animal feed, make organic fertilizers, be extracted into fly oil to supplement nutrients for fish, treat agricultural waste, treat livestock waste, fly larvae powder. , dried whole larvae, larvae oil, chitin/chitosan, and other black soldier fly products are used in feed, agriculture, animal feed, and other industries …

BSF larvae are the most valuable part of their life cycle. In the larval stage of the black soldier fly, they are very water-eating, they will focus all their energies on eating organic wastes, livestock wastes …. to convert them into protein, fat, calcium … to help their body develop, very good for animal feed. In addition, the residue of BSF larvae is used as a clean, high-quality organic fertilizer that is very good for soil quality improvement on high-quality crop farms in the vicinity of the fly farm.

Summary of practical black soldier fly products:

  • Chicken food
  • As Food for aquarium fish.
  • Animal Feed.
  • Organic fertilizer, improving soil
  • Collect chitin from the black soldier fly cocoon
  • Squeezed and extracted into the BSF Larvae oil to replenish nutrients to fish
  • BSF Larvae meal (protein powder) into fish meal replacement protein powder
  • Used to treat agricultural waste, livestock waste…

The Price Of Black Soldier Fly Lar?

The price of BSF larvae will vary greatly based on their age when sold. Depending on the purpose of use, you can buy black soldier fly larvae by the right age such as: 4 days old, 14 days old, 28 days old.

Where To Buy Black Soldier Fly Products?

You Can Buy Black Soldier Fly From Vietnam, our BSF larvae are farming from Tien Giang – Vietnam, where the soil & climate is most suitable for them.

BSF Smart Farm – specializes in providing products related to BSF such as BSF eggs, BSF larvae, BSF pupae, BSFL oil, BSL Meal… We have a black soldier fly farm at the clean agricultural farming area in Tien Giang and a representative office for your convenience in HCMC. We are a clean and modern agricultural farm with the desire to share the best with many people and develop the clean agricultural ecosystem of Vietnam. Please contact us if you need supplier for Black Soldier Fly.