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The black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) are known as a fresh and nutrition-dense diet for livestock and poultry. BSF larvae thrive on various kinds of decomposing matter, including waste from seafood processing plants.

A unique nutrition solution – natural protein source

In a study where BSF larvae were reared with a mixture of 27% gut fish and 73% pineapple scraps, it revealed that BSF larvae could consume 63% of waste in 8 days with a feed conversion rate of 3.7 : 1 (meaning it requires 6 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of larvae).

Meanwhile, due to a high nutrition content (dry weight containing 33% protein and 32% lipid), BSF larvae are also used in aquaculture. Eager to find out more? Read our guide on techniques for successful BSF farming here.

What is BSF hydrolysate?

Larvae hydrolysis is another great way to process BSF larvae. Firstly, you need to crush the larvae into a thick and smooth sauce. Then, add microorganisms or enzymes into the sauce and stir the sauce in a water bath for 6-12 hours.

When the temperature drops, add more substances to lower the pH to 3-4 for long-term storage. Place the larvae in sealed plastic cans or containers and store them in a dry, cool place.


  • Bacillus ≥ 107 CFU/g
  • Total protein ≥   24 %
  • Fat ≥   1,85 %

A simple method

– This probiotic is the drinking-version of an IMO product developed by a Facebook group named “Kind Agricultural Alliance” (Liên minh Nông nghiệp Tử tế)

– Mix 1 kg of chopped mango (no outer skin, no seeds), 500 g of sugar, 100 g of yogurt (yogurt), 50 g of yeast pellet, 10 packages of probiotics (live microbes, buy at the pharmacy). Keep tightly covered. After 12 hours, add 5 L of water (cooled, boiled water) and 500 g of sugar. Wait another 12 hours.

– Enrichment: Add 50 liters of clean water (rainwater, chlorinated tap water, well water,…) and 1 kg of sugar (or 1 kg of molasses) to the above solution. Stir thoroughly once or twice every day, cover with a waterproof cloth. After 48 hours, the solution is ready to be used. If you want further enrichment, just add water and sugar in the above ratio.

– Storage: Add 1 handful of rice bran each week, or add 1 cup of rice water. Stir daily.

Larvae hydrolysate

– Harvest BSF larvae and strain them from the residue, proceed with the sanitizing step by submerging live larvae into the boiling water for about one minute in order to empty their guts.

– Crush the body skeleton of the larvae to collect the liquid. You can use a blender or screw press.

– Add 2 kg of microbial solution to 1 kg of ground larvae, stir daily, and cover with a cloth. After 7 days, strain the solution to remove the larval skeleton (can be used to feed the chickens) and use the remaining solution.

BSF-based high-protein powder

Hydrolyze BSF larval protein with protease (35 UI) and 5% NaCl in 50 ml water for 16 hours at 50oC. Mix hydrolysate with 70% soybean residue and dry for 48 hours at 55oC for 48 hours. The end product shall be high-protein powder with 44.93% crude protein, 3.61% lipid, 5.96% fiber, and 3.79% moisture.

It is a high-quality protein source for aquaculture and livestock.

Benefits of larvae hydrolysate

  • Stimulate appetite and nutrient digestion.
  • Improve growth rate, and feed conversion rate
  • Prevent diseases for pigs, chickens, shrimps, and fish.
  • Enhance disease resistance.

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Animals using hydrolysate

  • Feed chickens, ducks, quails, pheasants,…
  • Mix with pig feed.
  • Mix with fish feed, press into pellet
  • Feed pets


  • 1 kg of larvae hydrolysate + 100 kg of shrimp feed throughout the production cycle.
  • 2 kg of larvae hydrolysate + 1000 kg of animal feed (pig, chicken, fish) throughout the production cycle.
  • 1-2 kg of larvae hydrolysate + 500 L of clean water for pigs and chickens drink daily


  • Easy to mix with feed
  • Improve feed conversion rate, and minimize the number of food ingredients
  • Provide 2-3 times the nutrition
  • Improve gut microflora and boost animal’s growth
  • Mix with other ingredients to create a wide range of food source for aquatic animals, poultry, and livestock
  • Low-cost, high-value.


  • Keep in a cool, dry place and away from light.
  • Shelf life: 12 months

Where to buy larvae hydrolysate?

Qualities of a good supplier:  

  • Having modern manufacturing facilities
  • Having certificate of manufacture
  • Having years of experience in the industry and standard procedures
  • Providing quick and convenient delivery system
  • Having a talented and dedicated support team
  • Providing means for support.
  • Having a website and other communication channels.

Why choose BSF Smart Farm?

  • Possessing modern manufacturing facilities.
  • Developing our own distribution system.
  • Having licensed production lines and certificate of quality.
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  • Developing user-friendly website, youtube channel, fan page.
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Hello, everyone. The black soldier fly is not a newly discovered species. In fact, BSF has been studied for years in order to maximize its agricultural profitability. However, a document fully elaborating on BSF is not easy to find. That is why today BSF Smart Farm will put together all necessary information for your ease […]