Preparing to launch micro-organic fertilizers and bio-fertilizers produced by BSF Smart Farm

Clean food, clean agricultural products, fresh fruits, clean vegetables, 100% organic, etc. Not only is it a very popular keyword today, but also a lot of eateries, restaurants, supermarkets or supply chains are also aiming for the trend… green & clean to help improve people’s resistance & health.

BSF Smart Farm has ordered the BSF Biotech Center to research formulas, microbial products, etc. exclusively. With the purpose of producing micro-organic fertilizers & microbiological fertilizers for agriculture in general, fruit trees (durian, mango, jackfruit, grapefruit, avocado…) vegetables (purple onion, pilaf, cabbage, sweet potato, pineapple…) & ornamental plants (orchid, roses…) in particular suitable to the geography & soil of each region in the country.

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