Payment by direct bank transfer

You can go to the Bank Transaction Counter, transfer money by Internet Banking, transfer at ATM, or transfer by phone.

– In “Note content” write the following syntax:
Pay for the order [Order ID].
Ex: Payment for orders AM 130815 – 88999 (or AM 88999)

Online payment by domestic ATM card / Internet banking.

You have selected the product you like and want to pay by ATM card? First of all, check if your ATM card has registered for Internet banking.

After receiving the notification from the Payment Gateway, the system will update the payment result along with the order code for you.

Common cases leading to unsuccessful transactions are cards that have not been registered to use the Bank’s online services (internet banking, SMS banking, etc.)…

Online payment by international debit / credit card (Visa, Master card, JCB)

– Your information is kept 100% safe and used only for this transaction. We will never disclose your card information to any third parties.

– Our payment system is PCI-DSS compliant, which means the entire payment process follows the highest security standards and is equivalent to a bank-grade infrastructure.

Pay directly at the Office

– Please provide your order number and order number when you come to pay

– Please come directly to one of the following two addresses to make payment:

Head office: Rivera Park Building, 7/28 Thanh Thai, F14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Pay directly at your home

– You request to come at a specific address to receive prepayment for orders in cash.

– Carrying out a fee for 1 time to collect money at home is 30,000 VND, this fee will be included in the order.

– When the staff comes to collect money, they will give the customer a receipt stamped with confirmation, no additional collection outside the order.