Organic agriculture – the trend of sustainable development in the future

I.What is organic agriculture?

In traditional agriculture, the use of chemical products such as chemical herbicides, chemical pesticides, and chemical fertilizers has polluted the soil, water and air environment, and contaminated agricultural products, water sources are poisoned,… greatly affecting the environment and the quality of human life.

From the perspective of the International Organization of Organic Agriculture (IFOAM): “Organic agriculture is a synchronous system aimed at implementing processes with results that ensure a sustainable ecosystem, safe and nutritious food. Good nutrition, humane to animals and social justice, do not use synthetic agricultural chemicals and non-organic growth substances, facilitate a closed metabolism in the farming system, only use Use existing resources on the farm and materials according to production process standards.”

So what is organic farming? It can be simply understood that organic farming is a form of agricultural production that avoids or completely eliminates products containing chemicals such as chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical herbicides. chemicals, stimulants in animal husbandry, plant growth regulators, etc. In the process of cultivating in the form of organic agriculture, farmers mainly rely on crop rotation combined with organic farming methods. products, taking advantage of agricultural waste for reuse.

II.The role of organic agriculture

1.For modern agricultural production

Based on traditional agricultural production combined with biotechnology, organic farming is increasingly developing to create products that protect the environment, increase productivity and quality of agricultural products. This model uses technological products such as biological herbicides, biological organic fertilizers, biological pesticides,…

In the world, organic agricultural production has been applied for a long time. In Vietnam, this model has also received a lot of attention from experts, especially consumers. Among them, BSF Smart Farm is a pioneer company and has received high appreciation from experts, as well as the love and trust of thousands of customers both domestically and internationally.

 2.For the environment

The primary purpose of developing organic agricultural ecosystems is to improve the health and productivity of land, crops, livestock and people. According to the International Organic Agriculture Organization IFOAM: “Organic agriculture plays an important role in cultivation, processing, distribution or consumption with the aim of maintaining the health of ecosystems and organisms, from from the smallest organisms that live in the soil to humans.”

In short, organic agriculture helps improve and maintain natural landscapes and agricultural ecosystems; limit overexploitation; causes environmental pollution; minimize the use of non-renewable resources; produce enough nutritious, non-toxic and high-quality food. In addition, this model also ensures, maintains and increases long-term soil fertility; strengthen biological and nutritional cycles on the farm; Crop protection is based on prevention instead of cure; diversify farming and animal husbandry methods to suit local conditions.

III. Why do consumers choose organic agricultural products?

As material life develops, health needs will receive more attention. Products are produced according to the organic agricultural model, ensuring no pesticides and no use of growth stimulants. Furthermore, the taste of food is also more delicious, reducing the risk of cancer compared to conventionally produced products.

IV. BSF Smart Farm bio-organic fertilizer – solution for organic agriculture

Let us introduce to you the unique technology of BSF microbial organic fertilizer extracted from black soldier flies and the benefits it brings to agriculture and the environment.

With a sophisticated production process, we can extract important ingredients from black bees such as organic substances, enzymes, and other beneficial substances. Thanks to these ingredients, Ferti Pro fertilizer and Liqui Pro nitrogen solution not only increase plant nutrition but also help improve the development of soil microorganisms. Ferti Pro fertilizer and Liqui Pro protein solution are high quality products and very useful for farming and animal husbandry.

Here are the reasons to use BSF’s microbial organic fertilizer:

  1. Improve plant growth and development: BSF’s microbial organic fertilizer is a natural fertilizer that adds beneficial microorganisms to the soil, helping plants grow healthily, enhancing their health. resistance and achieve high productivity.
  2. Enhance the health and resistance of livestock: BSF’s microbial organic fertilizer also helps strengthen the immune system and resistance of livestock. By providing beneficial microorganisms, it is possible to reduce some infectious diseases and enhance the health of animals.
  3. Environmental protection: Using BSF’s microbial organic fertilizer also helps protect the environment, because this type of fertilizer is produced from natural resources, does not pollute and is not harmful to the environment. school.

BSF Smart Farm is always committed to accompanying investors and distribution partners, providing quality products and effective agricultural solutions.

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