Model of raising calcium worms (Black soldier fly larvae – BSF) as fish food

Calcium worms: New food for fish

Ayun Ha Aquaculture Cooperative (Ia Sol commune, Phu Thien district, Gia Lai) is implementing a model of raising calcium worms as fish food. Initially, the model brought practical results such as reducing food costs, fish increased resistance and developed well.

In early July 2019, during a visit to the city. Can Tho takes fish fingerlings to raise, Mr. Dang Duc Hiep – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director of Ayun Ha Aquaculture Cooperative sees that households here use calcium worm larvae as fish food very effectively. When he returned, he immediately discussed with the members of the Cooperative Board of Directors to buy black soldier fly eggs to ferment into calcium worms to make fish food. Mr. Hiep said: It takes about 12-15 days to incubate black soldier fly eggs into calcium worms for fish food. Therefore, the cooperative must buy eggs to raise for the crop to have a continuous daily food source for the fish.

Mr. Dang Duc Hiep is feeding calcium worms to his fish.

According to calculations, the cost to raise 1 kg of calcium worms is only about 8,000 VND, less than half the cost of buying industrial feed. In addition, using calcium worms as food also helps fish increase resistance, is less susceptible to diseases, keeps the water environment unpolluted, requires less use of antibiotics, and fish still grows well. “We stocked about 1,500 fingerlings per kilogram, but after only 3 months of raising, the weight of the fish reached about 8-10 fish per kilogram. This fish needs to be raised for another 4 months before it can be harvested. After deducting costs, the cooperative earns a profit of 13 thousand VND/kg of fish” – Mr. Hiep shared.

Seeing that the use of calcium worms as fish food was effective, Mr. Hiep and the members of the cooperative learned through books, newspapers and mass media about the process of raising black soldier flies so as not to have to go to prison. The West buys more. Mr. Le Van Soc – a member of the cooperative – said: “Raising black soldier flies is also very easy, requires little effort, the main food is spoiled fruits and vegetables, leftovers… Their life cycle is long. about 40 days, divided into stages including: eggs, larvae, pupae and adult flies. We have successfully raised and harvested black soldier fly eggs to compost them into calcium worms for fish food.”

Mr. Dang Duc Hiep (white shirt) introduces the fish farming model using calcium worm feed.

Ayun Ha Aquaculture Cooperative was established in 2018 with 32 members. Currently, the cooperative is raising 7,000 porcupine-headed snakehead fish and 9,000 beaded snakehead fish. According to Mr. Hiep, using calcium worms as fish food, in addition to reducing investment costs, also helps improve the quality of fish meat and produce clean, safe fish products. The cooperative is aiming for a fish farming model that meets VietGAP standards. After the success of this model, the cooperative will transfer the technique of raising calcium worms combined with fish farming to all members and people in the district.

Talking to reporters (PV), Mr. Bui Trong Thanh – Head of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Phu Thien district – said: The model of raising calcium worms combined with fish farming of Ayun Ha Aquaculture Cooperative is very new in the locality. . Through inspection and monitoring, we see that this model has initially brought practical results such as: reduced input costs, less sick fish, guaranteed water environment and improved fish quality. Phu Thien district has a total water surface area of ​​about 400 hectares, which is great potential for development and aquaculture. However, people have not taken advantage of and fully promoted this potential. Therefore, in the coming time, the Department will widely propagate so that people can access, visit, and learn from this model to develop aquaculture in the district.


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