International cooperation between Flyfeed and BSF Smart Farm hopes to open up new potentials in agriculture 4.0

Aiming to provide a sustainable solution to the global protein shortage, by creating a food supply chain with sustainable and environmentally friendly protein sources, to preserve nature instead of causing damage, today Last November 8, 2023, the leader of BSF Smart Farm company – Mr. Vo Minh Vuong had a respectful welcome with representatives of Flyfeed company.

Flyfeed Company is a global startup company with Headquater in Dubai and presence in Viet Nam and Europe and is operating in the industry of producing food from insects, especially from black bees on an industrial scale. The company uses groundbreaking technology to produce high-quality insect powder from wasted food sources.

This not only helps reduce waste but also creates a sustainable and protein-rich food source for pets and people.

BSF Smart Farm is a pioneer in researching and applying smart technology to the agricultural industry. Productivity and quality of agricultural products derived from black bees (black soldier flies – RLD) with the exclusive formula of the BSF Biotechnology Research & Development Center (BSF Biotech R&D Center) provided by the company are provided by farmers feel secure and prefer it when used for crops and livestock, helping crops and livestock grow and develop well and naturally, bringing high economic resources to farmers.

All product lines produced by BSF Smart Farm Company are aimed at directly protecting crops and livestock and indirectly protecting consumer health.

Cooperation between Flyfeed and BSF Smart Farm hopes to open up new potentials in agriculture 4.0.

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