How To Increase The Resistance Of Chickens, Prevent Disease With EM Garlic

Many people spread the word about the benefits of giving chickens garlic juice. However, you should know that garlic should not be given to chickens on a regular or indiscriminate basis. Feeding garlic to chickens is only safe when used correctly. When used improperly, in excess, there is a risk of obstructing beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, or causing Heinz anemia. This is a serious blood disorder. Let’s learn with BSF Smart Farm about how to increase the resistance of chickens with the best garlic EM for chickens.

Active ingredients in garlic are good for poultry

  • In fresh garlic cloves, sulfur compounds are the most important, having the highest percentage in vegetables (3.2%) when the garlic clove is whole: alliin (a sulfur compound) and allinase enzyme in equal amounts. together. Each item is in a separate compartment.
  • When crushing garlic bulbs A strong, immediate reaction between alliin and allinase produces allicin – Allicin is an unstable substance, when exposed to air it will be converted to diallyl disulfide, vinydithiin, afoene, which are substances has the pharmacological effects mentioned above -(allicin is the substance that causes the smell of fresh garlic when minced).
  • By high-pressure liquid chromatography, it was determined that the allicin content in fresh garlic cloves after crushing for one minute reached 63%. But after 30 minutes of exposure to the air, only 39% remained (because it was converted into the aforementioned substances). In a slightly alkaline environment, the reaction is most radical. In slightly acidic medium (pH = 5) the reaction is 50 times slower.

What are the benefits of feeding chickens with garlic?

This is a natural plant. You can rest assured that chickens can be used instead of antibiotics to prevent disease. Because using drugs often leaves toxic residues in the body of chickens, and garlic is completely absent.

Strengthen chicken immune system

The immune system helps chickens fight off viruses. Or will recover faster if unfortunately infected. Garlic contains Allicin, which can inactivate more than 70 viruses. Diallyl trisulfide (DATS), Diallyl disulfide, Ajoene, and phytoncides in garlic also contribute to increased antibacterial ability.

Helps chickens less helminthic

Garlic is a food that can effectively treat helminths (especially pinworms). However, if you raise chickens in the garden, you should combine them with anti-helminthic drugs. Because garlic only adds to the removal of helminths for chickens.

Treat digestive disorders definitively

Garlic supports the digestive system for chickens. Regularly mix garlic for chicken to eat or give chickens to drink crushed garlic to get water. It is a very effective way to treat undigested chickens. From there, it is always possible to limit the situation of chickens passing green-white stools.

Garlic – a completely natural antibiotic

This is considered as a very natural antibiotic for both game chickens and broilers. Very good treatment of asthma, chicken wheeze, difficulty breathing. This is a cheap drug that is used by many farmers.

Garlic helps increase resistance for chickens


Want the chickens to always be healthy, gain weight quickly and not be infected even during the season change. Farmers should give their chickens garlic juice regularly and for a long time. This is a “small but shell” food. Chicken using garlic will bring many special benefits. As follows:

  • Chickens develop well, ensure the weight and quality of meat and eggs.
  • The digestive and respiratory systems are always stable, rarely infected by the influence of the weather. Some dangerous diseases such as typhoid, hematoma, E.coli …
  • Less helminth infections, because garlic contains active ingredients capable of treating worms effectively, especially with pinworms. However, for free-range chickens, people need to use more special drugs to treat worms because garlic is only a supplementary food.
  • For chickens with chronic respiratory failure, antibiotics must be used. Doctors recommend taking it with garlic. Because they help bring out the full effect of the drug.
  • Providing garlic for chickens also helps to beautify the plumage, crest and tail …

How to Incubate EM Preparations Magic Garlic


Mix 0.5 Kg Garlic Bio ST, 2 Kg Molasses (Or Yellow Sugar) 1 Liter Fresh Vinegar, 5 Kg Garlic Puree or Crush with 30 Liters Of Clean Water (Spring Water or Boiled Water)

Incubate the garlic probiotics in a sealed plastic container or can, open the lid of the can/plastic container every day to release some gas to avoid overflowing or exploding the barrel.

After 4 days, it can be given to pets orally or mixed with food.

More effective when combined using Men Bio ST with BIO BSF . Hydrolyzed Larva Protein Solution

(Note: Do not brew Bio BSF hydrolyzed protein solution with garlic yeast, directly mix BIO BSF for pets to drink) Dosage: 1 liter of BIO ST for 200 liters of water

How to use:

For cattle and poultry to drink: Dissolve 10ml of BIO ST incubated, 2-3ml of BIO BSF in 1 liter of clean water for livestock and poultry to drink.

Mixing with feed: Use 20ml of BIO ST incubated, 2-3ml of BIO BSF mix with 1kg of feed.

Combo of EM Preparations Garlic Increases Resistance for Chickens

Products’ use

  • Helps pets stabilize beneficial microflora in the intestinal tract, enhance maximum nutrient absorption, improve resistance and immune system.
  • Minimize the smell of the barn.
  • Reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases: ecoli, salmonella, coccidiosis, enteritis…
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and other nutritional supplements.
  • Helps pets improve resistance, maximize nutrient absorption and strengthen the immune system;
  • Helps to eat more, sleep more, reduce food consumption per weight gain.
  • Reduce the incidence of asthma, blue ears …
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and other nutritional supplements.
  • The ratio of hook jaw, high lean, provides clean meat

Link to Buy Products: Here

You can contact to order directly via Hotline 0961097879


Benefits of feeding chickens EM garlic BIO ST

Here are some cases where garlic has been shown to have a beneficial effect on chickens.

  • Boosts Immune System:  Add garlic to food or drink when chickens seem “weatherproof”. Look for changes in eating, ruffled fur, not wanting to go out of the cage. Immune system support helps birds to fortify themselves and have the ability to heal.
  • Virus protection: It has been shown to work against viruses, including Salmonellosis, Colibacillosis and Cholera.
  • Kills ‘bad’ bacteria: Antibiotics in poultry feed are illegal in some countries and not recommended in others, because of increased resistance to them in humans. Garlic can be effectively used as a substitute.
  • Re-balancing the system: Since garlic seems to target ‘bad’ bacteria instead of ‘good’, it can help chickens recover from illness to return to health.
  • Helps chickens lay eggs:  It is known to help produce larger, better quality eggs with lower levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol.
  • Help Chicken Low Weight or Anorexia: Garlic stimulates appetite and helps promote growth.
  • Detected red tick: Allicin contained in garlic is said to be able to produce the blood of ticks that live on chickens, which have a strange taste. If you prefer a natural over chemical answer to ticks, this is worth a try.

Ways to prevent chicken diseases with garlic Popular

See veterinarian-recommended ways to feed chickens with garlic.

Feed chickens with raw garlic (direct use)

Feeding garlic directly to fighting cocks is commonly used by cockers. Just crush the garlic cloves and put them directly into the game chicken’s mouth. Depending on the status of the chicken, use garlic accordingly. This method should be used in the morning, feeding chickens with hot rice for lunch to work.


Tỏi là bài thuốc dân gian rẻ tiêng, có giá trị cao
Garlic is a cheap, high-value folk remedy

This method only applies to cockers who raise fighting cocks or chickens that are not too large, about a few dozen.

Mix garlic EM with chicken drink, mix with chicken feed


This method can be applied to large flocks of chickens. Just crush the garlic mixed with water and give it to the chicken to drink. Fill each trough for chickens and let them drink by themselves, no need to spend time squeezing each bird and still ensure efficiency.

How to soak garlic for chickens (garlic wine)

Use peeled fresh garlic soaked with 40 degree alcohol. After a month, the chickens can be used. This method takes a bit of time, but it can be preserved for a long time and soaked in large quantities. 7 day old chicks can use garlic wine. Garlic peel after peeling should be kept in the corner of the barn, used to repel mosquitoes, deodorize very well.


Rượu tỏi là bài thuốc phòng bệnh cho gà hiệu quả

Garlic wine is an effective remedy for chicken diseases

Dried garlic powder to prevent disease for chickens

Dried garlic then pureed into a powder mixed with chicken food is also a good way. This prevents the garlic from sprouting. Helps preserve garlic longer.

Note: Only mix or mix enough water for chickens to eat and drink every day. Should not be left overnight, it will lose its taste and easily cause disease-causing bacteria.

Dosage of garlic for chickens

  • Use garlic directly for chickens: Depends on the weight of chickens. For example, a chicken weighing a few hundred grams to 1 kilogram should eat 1 to 1.5 cloves of garlic. Chicken 2 kg or more, about 2 cloves / time.
  • Mix drinking water: 1 liter of drinking water, 2 to 3 cloves of garlic is medium. In case of giving them a daily dose, a low dose of garlic should be used; If every other day or 2-3 times a week, you should mix more garlic.
  • Using garlic wine: the way to feed chicks with garlic wine soaked in wine with about 200 chickens, the dosage is 60ml/10 liters of water, give it to drink every 2 days. If the chicken is more than 2 months old, it is also with the dose of 60ml / 10 liters of water for 100 chickens.
  • Use dried garlic powder: mix into food daily with the ratio of 3% garlic powder.

Some good remedies for poultry disease with garlic

Garlic has a significant effect on the immune system, helps increase the activity of lymphocytes, has antibacterial properties (inhibits 70 types of gram (–) and gram (+) bacteria), antiviral  (flu, colds) , foot-and-mouth disease), kill parasites and protozoa (roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, dysentery tonsils), well prevent digestive enzyme disorders, gastrointestinal infections, fight against diseases Respiratory.

In addition, garlic also helps increase the effectiveness of antibiotics, so garlic will help increase the effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of CRD.
To help farmers boldly use garlic to prevent CRD, in 2010 the collective of Mo Cay Nam Agricultural and Fisheries Extension Station carried out an experiment “Using garlic to prevent poultry diseases”.
Experimental method: Divide chickens into 2 lots, each batch of 500 chickens with the same living environment conditions.
* Lot 1: use  vitamin C + B complex + electrolyte  for drinking every day.
* Lot 2: use garlic wine mixed with water for drinking when chickens are 7 days old, drink once every 2 days with the dose: 60ml of garlic wine mixed in 10 liters of drinking water for 200 chicks (under 2 months old) or 100 chickens large chickens (over 2 months old). The remaining days still use vitamin C + B complex + electrolytes. The remaining garlic peel hangs in the corners of the cage to eliminate odors.
After 4 months of implementation, the results are as follows: Using garlic helps to limit chronic respiratory diseases in chicken flocks, reduce costs drugs, mortality, improve efficiency livestock:+ Reduce mortality, eliminate waste : from 14% to 2%+ Reduced cost drugs: 445d/animal + Early release time: 15 days.+ Higher slaughter weight: 90g/head. Therefore, farmers can supplement garlic by: using crushed fresh garlic to drink water for poultry, mixing the carcass in  feed  (100g/10 liters of water) or soaking in garlic wine (30-40g/100ml). alcohol, 5-6ml garlic wine/1 liter of water).
In addition, people can dry and grind into powder mixed in daily food with the amount of 3%. Using garlic in poultry farming helps to limit chronic respiratory diseases in chickens, reduces costs of drugs, improves efficiency of livestock: Reduces mortality, eliminates disease-related waste, and reduces costs of drugs. treatment, poultry grow fast. In addition, garlic also improves the effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of CRD with a combination of antibiotics and garlic.


How to make garlic juice to kill chicken mites

As long as you don’t mind the smell of garlic, making and using garlic juice with your chicken couldn’t be easier.

To make garlic juice, all you need to do is:

  • Take a garlic and flatten it with a knife.
  • Boil some water and then add the garlic cloves
  • After a few minutes, use a masher to mash the shrimp when they’re softer
  • Let the garlic boil for a few more minutes
  • Remove the garlic mixture from the pot and bring to a boil
  • Add 5 parts water to 1 part your garlic juice in a spray bottle to make your garlic juice

Most people add a teaspoon of essential oil to deodorize the garlic and add its pest-resistant properties.

Lavender, mint , and lemongrass are all known to help repel parasites and other pests. All of these are fragrant and will help strengthen your mix. So if conditions permit, add them to your mix!

Use garlic water to kill chicken mites

Put your garlic juice in a spray bottle. You can now spray the mixture directly onto your chickens and around their coop.

Ideally you should have two people. One person holds each chicken, raises its wings, spreads their features and helps you see the concentrated spots. And you, just spray on those spots.

So BSF Smart Farm has introduced to you how to increase the resistance of chickens by many methods of using garlic, especially garlic EM preparations. Hopefully with this article you will have many good breeding tips to apply.

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