How to Gain Weight, Fatty Chickens Before Safely – Effectively Thanks to Microbiology

The use of weight gainer for chickens is common in all localities. Farmers often abuse these drugs for the immediate benefit. The time to take care of chickens is shortened, helping to increase the number of chickens sold. However, this has potential harmful effects on consumers’ health. Currently, the Ministry of Health is still encouraging farmers to eliminate these toxic weight gainers. So what is the economic solution for farmers? BSF Smart Farm will introduce you to a safe and effective method of gaining weight for chickens, fattening chickens thanks to microorganisms.

Harm of drugs to gain weight for chickens

Weight gainers are widely sold in the market. That is why it is easy for farmers to buy and use these toxins in chicken diets. The residues of weight gainer in chicken cause poisoning and affect the health of consumers. The most common weight gainer drugs are Clenbuterol and preparations.

The ingredients in weight gain pills cause consumers to change hormones and cause many types of cancer. Some strange diseases will make men look like women. In contrast, women will grow beards, deep voices like men.

Fattening of broiler chickens – Optimal and safest nutrition

Nutrition is an integral part of broiler fattening, and is even considered a key element in the sprint. Therefore, when choosing bran, livestock farmers should pay attention to choose products with nutritional criteria of at least 2900 kcal/kg, minimum protein: 20%.

In order for chickens to gain weight the best, farmers should let chickens eat freely regardless of day and night, adding corn in the diet to increase meat quality.

In a day, the breeder can feed the chickens about 4-6 times, each time adding new food, it is necessary to sieve the old feed to remove all impurities and feces mixed with the feed. In the diet should add green vegetables to increase fiber.

Fattening of broiler chickens – Increase protein in the diet of safe chickens

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black soldier fly larvae are extracted with a high protein content of over 40% providing a safe and all-natural chicken weight and meat growth solution that does not contain harmful substances. Safe for both chickens and product consumers. Very easy to use, can be mixed into drinking water or mixed into food very easily.

BIO BSF | Black Soldier Fly Larva Amino Acid Solution For Animals


  • Stimulates catching prey and digesting food
  • Improve growth, reduce feed consumption
  • Reduce disease rate for pigs, chickens, shrimps, fish
  • Increase resistance, absorption for pets

How to use: Shake well before use

  • Use 1 Liter of BIO BSF mixed with 100 kg of shrimp feed throughout the growing season.
  • Use 1 Liter of BIO BSF for 200 kg of feed for pigs, chickens and fish throughout the growing season.
  • Mix 1 liter of BIO BSF with 200 liters of clean water, feed pigs and chickens daily.

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Meat powder

In order for chickens to achieve the desired weight, the breeder should use meat meal in the chicken’s diet because it contains up to 60% protein that will help chickens grow quickly, ensure the health of the chicken is best ground meat meal. from pig organs.

Fish meal

Compared with meat meal, fish meal has a lower protein content. However, the effectiveness in fattening broilers from fish meal is recognized to help chickens gain weight in the best way.

Flour dough

Shrimp powder is also a good choice for breeders who want to fatten up broiler chickens. You can go to the market to buy small sea shrimp then dry and puree mixed with other foods.

4 main reasons why chickens grow poorly and keep growing

Poor genetic quality

Genetic traits or genetic quality play an important role in the growth performance of broilers. For chickens that grow fast or slow, both pass on genetic traits to the next generation. So when farmers buy chicks from poor quality parents, the chicks will have poor performance, they will not grow as expected or will take longer to grow and develop. Some individuals even carry pathogens that pose a risk of disease outbreaks for the whole herd.

Poor quality food not enough nutrition

The quality of feed, especially the stage of chicks, determines their growth ability. For example, using burnt corn kernels, baby corn or soybeans in broiler diets (broiler or finishing stage) will reduce the composition of core nutrients in the feed, such as: metabolic energy and crude protein.

Other effects of using this type of feed are the loss of essential nutrients, making the animals unable to use them and causing severe malnutrition. The result leads to underdeveloped flocks and increased mortality.

In addition, feed with high mycotoxin content or feed containing intestinal irritants will damage intestinal villi, affecting the ability to absorb nutrients of chickens, increasing FCR. Along with that, feeding chickens less than the standard will not ensure adequate nutrition for development leading to slow growth and low body weight.

The density of raising chickens is too crowded

The overcrowding of chickens on the one hand makes chickens grow poorly, on the other hand increases the feed conversion ratio (FCR) and increases mortality.

Raising more than the standard number of chickens increases competition for food, creating conditions for larger chickens to compete with each other and preventing others from eating food or drinking water. This results in the chicken eating less and possibly going hungry.

In addition to recording poorer body weight, a high mortality rate can also be noted in this regard.

Disease pressure and breeding habits

When chickens get sick, it will reduce their appetite, disrupt metabolism and other important functions of the body, along with the abuse of antibiotics in disease prevention and treatment, leading to underdevelopment and increased mortality. death rate.

Methods of Fattying, Weight Gaining Chickens Safely Today



  • Find reputable, high-quality seed suppliers and have a good process for the brooding stage.
  • In the development stages of poultry, the brooding stage greatly determines the survival rate, growth and health of the chicken flock. At this stage, it is necessary to have good feeding care, reasonable drug application process. Ensure the best health of chickens to best respond to a dense vaccine schedule
  • Do not abuse antibiotics in disease prevention and treatment.

Food quality


  • It is necessary to choose animal feed from a reputable supplier. Feed the chickens to the standard according to the supplier’s chart or use the growth chart and daily feed amount for broilers.
  • Carry out food preservation in dry environmental conditions, food must be wrapped and covered discreetly.
  • Place food packaging on wooden or plastic pallets, not in direct contact with the floor.
  • Breeders can self-mix feed to ensure the nutrients provided for their chickens.
  • You can refer to how to add protein in the diet with BIO BSF – Black soldier fly larvae protein above.

Livestock density

  • Do not breed too much density. Should have a clear understanding of livestock density norms and appropriate density arrangement.
  • The ideal floor space requirement for broilers is 15 chickens/m2.
  • Classification of broilers by their size and body weight

Prevent disease and change habits

  • It is necessary to change the habit of having a new disease to cure or close to the selling stage to focus on promoting. There should be an active disease prevention process, focusing on controlling gastrointestinal diseases (in fact, about 70% of immune cells reside along the digestive tract), limiting or not using antibiotics (especially high concentrations of antibiotics).
  • Implement vaccination against disease for chickens according to epidemiology. Ensure hygiene and disinfection of the barn to prevent pathogens from entering the barn.
  • Develop a process to control gastrointestinal diseases and a reasonable drug regimen to support the growth process.

Garlic Incubated Probiotics Combo Increases Resistance, Reduces Disease Effectively

Products’ use

  • Helps pets stabilize beneficial microflora in the intestinal tract, enhance maximum nutrient absorption, improve resistance and immune system.
  • Minimize the smell of the barn.
  • Reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases: ecoli, salmonella, coccidiosis, enteritis…
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and other nutritional supplements.
  • Helps pets improve resistance, maximize nutrient absorption and strengthen the immune system;
  • Helps to eat more, sleep more, reduce food consumption per weight gain.
  • Reduce the incidence of asthma, blue ears …
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and other nutritional supplements.
  • The ratio of hook jaw, high lean, provides clean meat

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You can contact to order directly via Hotline 0961097879

Based on the information BSF Smart  Farm provided above. Surely you have understood why chickens don’t grow fast and effective methods to help chickens gain weight without using unsafe drugs. Wish you have healthy chickens that bring high economic value.

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