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Introducing BSF Smart Farm

The industry of pigs, chickens and fish depends on protein supplied from soybeans and marine fish. The increase in global food demand, coupled with environmental problems, has caused the cost of both sources of protein to rise rapidly in recent years.

The purpose of BSF Smart Farm was established to produce feed ingredients from high-protein insects, from the black soldier fly pupae (RLĐ), scientifically known as Hermetia illucens, to replace existing unsustainable sources of protein. now on.

Black Soldier Fly Study

Black soldier fly biology studies have shown that they are non-harmful, do not enter homes, restaurants, but live separately from humans.

They do not have mouths, so they do not bite and have not been shown to carry infectious diseases.

They do not eat and come in contact with waste, so they do not affect human food, so they cannot be infectious agents.

In contrast, BSF larvae, during their lifecycle, ingest and digest organic waste in order to convert the waste into a high biological value protein biomass.

By converting low-value biomass energy into high quality insect product, BSF Smart Farm will create a missing link. in the food supply chain in Vietnam and globally.

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BSF Smart Farm is a combination of a lot of technology and scientific research to apply the black soldier fly to create a rich source of nutrition. Reducing costs for animal feed. Help the farm get rich transcendent.

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Building Successful Farming

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