What is Black Soldier Fly?

– Black soldier fly, scientifically known as Hermetia Illucens, is a type of fly used by many countries around the world to decompose organic waste very effectively. Black soldier flies are available in our natural environment; The adult is black, 12-20 mm long, looks confusing for bees. The life cycle of BSF lasts about more than a month, starting with eggs, larvae, pupae, and eventually molting into BSF. Adults live about 3-5 days, do not eat or drink, live under the shade of trees. Each female lays about 500 eggs and then dies.

Can black soldier flies cause contagious diseases?

– According to domestic and foreign scientific studies, BSF does not carry and mediate at all for infectious diseases, it is completely harmless to humans and pets. Not only that, the Black Soldier Fly is highly appreciated by the scientific world for its benefits, among the useful insects, Black Soldier Fly is second only to Bees.

What are the benefits of BSF?

Currently, black soldier fly farming is developing in a number of countries including Vietnam, although the black soldier fly farming scale is only at the household level, it has initially shown very high efficiency.
The majority of black soldier fly breeders today are for the purpose of disposing of animal manure and providing food for cattle from BSF larvae.

How much does it cost to raise black soldier flies?

– The cost to raise black soldier flies depends on the size of the model you make, but the initial cost is relatively low. You only need to invest in seed, a room with a net for the black soldier flies to fly and mate, and the waste source from cattle and poultry.

Is it difficult to raise the black soldier technique?

It can be said that black soldier fly technique is one of the simplest farming techniques among pets.
When the eggs hatch into larvae, the larvae feed on their own fresh feces and develop. When mature, the larvae will change from a cream color to a black color, the mouth and intestines metabolize and the larvae pupate.