Excellent quality onion harvest results when using BSF Smart Farm’s fertilizer and nitrogen solution

When planting a certain type of tree, every farmer wants the desired harvest result and reduces the labor load, reduces the time of planting, and the output price is stable. BSF Smart Farm has joined farmers in the process of growing purple onions in Vinh Chau town, Tran De district, Soc Trang to help farmers achieve their expectations.

BSF Smart Farm Company has transferred products and instructed people on how to use fertilizer to fertilize the soil & use nitrogen spray to spray on stems and leaves extracted from Black Soldier Fly Larva to help the soil. There are many necessary nutrients to help purple onions grow quickly, reduce planting time, reduce labor, increase purple onion productivity and bring high profits to farmers.

The results of harvesting purple onions after 2 months have proven that the quality of BSF Smart Farm Company’s base fertilizer & nitrogen solution is very good, in line with the wishes of farmers in Tran De district, Soc Trang.

You can watch more videos comparing the quality of purple onion harvest to better understand:

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