Director of BSF SMART FARM had an interview with Dr. Moc Que – the world record holder for the value of Black Soldier Flies (BSF) in cultivation and husbandry.

For nearly 4 years with daily striving, constantly learning to improve technology & high-tech production processes to make up & manufacture biological products extracted from Black Soldier Flies (BSF). Now is the time for BSF Smart Farm Company to be honored and excited to reap the results.

BSF SMART FARM Company is considered one of the famous companies with smart agricultural products in Vietnam. With the staff ‘s effort and the advisors’ dedicated support, BSF SMART FARM Company officially received “National Strong Brand 2023”, an honorable and proud achievement, by Vietnam Association for Anti-Counterfeiting and Trademark Protection (VATAP). This will strongly motivate the company to develop on the chosen path firmly, which is to bring clean organic products to serve domestic agriculture.

Regarding this event, Mr. Vo Minh Vuong – Director of BSF SMART FARM Company, had an interview with Dr. Moc Que – one of the world record holders and an advisor to many large corporations and an advisor to BSF SMART FARM Company.

In the interview, Dr. Moc Que expressed his admiration and appreciation for the achievements and efforts of BSF SMART FARM Company in achieving the NATIONAL STRONG BRAND ertification. Dr. Moc Que believed that this event was a significant breakthrough in smart agricultural production and business in Vietnam.

According to Dr. Moc Que, he had experienced many challenges and difficulties in researching and applying advanced technologies in agriculture. However, he always overcame those difficulties with perseverance, diligence, and creativity. That is an essential lesson for the founders and managers of BSF SMART FARM, when facing the challenge of producing smart agricultural products.

At the same time, Dr. Moc Que highly appreciated BSF SMART FARM’s NATIONAL STRONG BRAND certification and said that it was a significant step forward in developing and bringing the company’s products to the market. This certification shows trust and high customer evaluation and helps BSF SMART FARM strengthen its position as a leading smart agricultural production company in Vietnam.

Mr. Vo Minh Vuong – Director of BSF SMART FARM Company, also shared that BSF SMART FARM Company had to overcome many difficulties and challenges during its operation. However, the company’s staff has always made constant efforts to develop its products and services, thereby creating trust and high evaluation from customers.

Finally, Dr. Moc Que advised Mr. Vo Minh Vuong and the staff of BSF SMART FARM Company to continue to maintain and develop the quality of products and services to become a pioneer company in the field of smart agriculture and the pride of Vietnam in the international arena.

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