1.1. Define
Warranty is the policy of repairing and replacing completely free of charge for products and services of BSF Smart Farm. This means that during the warranty period, damaged products needing inspection and repair are within the scope of warranty and all costs are completely free.
1.2. Scope and terms of warranty.
1.2.1. Warranty scope
The warranty policy is applied permanently to all management software provided by BSF Smart Farm during the time of use by the customer.
1.2.2. Warranty terms
– Warranty for all functions that have, or have built, upgraded of the product.
– Warranty for all errors related to technical platform within the warning limit.
– The scope of the warranty does not include redesigning the old interface, building the functions of the product which are not yet available, warranty for errors arising not due to the cause of the product itself such as errors due to use Incorrect method, server error, error due to natural problems such as natural disaster, fire … ..
– Give reasonable and timely advice to support customers when there are problems arising in the process of using the product.
1.3. Troubleshooting within the warranty scope
In the event of product or service malfunction due to technical defects within the warranty scope, BSF Smart Farm will warrant the product, restore the nearest and slowest stable state of operation. after 24h (or 48h- in the case of a two-day holiday) under the following conditions:
– Customers strictly follow the instructions and advice on the use and protection of web products and services as prescribed.
– Customers comply with the operational process of products and services and have not had any signs of voluntarily interfering with the technical items of the product.
In the event of a problem beyond the scope of the warranty, due to use error and the cause of the customer, BSF Smart Farm will promptly advise on remedial solutions and support recovery as soon as possible. the cost level for your customer block.
In the case of problems outside the scope of maintenance, we will promptly advise on remediation plans and support recovery in the shortest time at the cost of our customers.
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