Chicken Food For Fast Growing Chickens, Standard Nutrition To Increase Resistance

Currently, the local chicken raising models have been bringing high income to farmers. However, at the chick stage, if the care measures are not correct, the risk is very high. To avoid losses when raising chickens, in this article, BSF Smart Farm will continue to share how to raise chickens quickly and in detail. You can refer to the application.

Prepare before raising chickens so that chickens can grow quickly and excel

How to choose our chicken?

There are many breeds of chickens we raise today. However, for varieties adapted to local conditions, the purpose of egg raising and meat production is the same.

These local chickens are free range and some supplements and come in many colors, but the most popular and loved in the market are: yellow skin, black feathers.

Cách nuôi GÀ TA mau lớn đạt "năng suất cao - lợi nhuận khủng"

It is necessary to select chickens with good traits for breeding. There is an appropriate brood: hen ratio of about 1:5 to 1:10. No more than this. Because it will produce more sterile eggs

Older breeders should be removed from the flock to prevent a low percentage of chicks in the flock

Preparing the barn

Chicken coops can easily be made of locally available materials such as bamboo or wood. The size of the coop depends on the number of chickens to be kept and the area under the coop or   patio area.

Some farmer households build a small coop to raise chickens. The main goals of building a chicken coop are as follows:

  1. Used as a place to incubate eggs instead of hens
  2. To make chicken shelter in the night
  3. It provides food and water during extreme weather such as heavy rain.
  4. Used as a coop for vaccinated chickens.
  5. It is used to deliver antibiotics or prevent disease.

When building a chicken coop, pay attention to good ventilation. In addition, good lighting and reasonable height allow the breeder to get in and out easily.

Around the coop area should have barbed wire, old fishing nets or chiseled wood to prevent the chickens from flying out. In addition, cement or plastic roofing sheets should be installed on the barn porch as a curtain to block the sun and rain.

Especially during the incubation period, pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the coop.

The size of the coop depends on the number of chickens. The age of chickens needs to be raised as if they wanted to raise a breed of chickens. The ratio is about 8 chickens per square meter, so if the width x length of the coop is about 3 x 5 meters, it can hold about 120 chickens.

If you want to raise your parents and raise chickens. It is recommended to use a portion of about 4 animals per 1 square meter. Thus, it is possible to raise about 60 children.

Cách nuôi GÀ TA mau lớn đạt "năng suất cao - lợi nhuận khủng"

What do newly hatched chicks eat?

Newly hatched chicks have a weak digestive system, there is still a small amount of egg yolk in the belly to change, so be careful not to feed the chicks on the first day.

On the first day, only water should be given to the chickens. Water can be mixed with Gluco, Permasol 500, Vitamin C in the ratio: 50g sugar, 1g Permasol, 1g Vitamin C mixed with 1 liter of water.

After giving the chickens water for about 3 hours, change the tank with clean filtered water. 2-4 days old feed chickens with industrial bran for chicks, or shredded chicken or corn mixed with green vegetables. Stimulate chickens to eat more.

Divide chicken feed into 6 meals a day, every 2 hours, and spread evenly on paper instead of using a feeder.

Nutritional requirements of chicks in the first two weeks:

Nutrients Industrial broiler chicken Colored broiler chicken The hen has an egg
ME (Kcal) 3000 3000 3000
Protein rough(%) 22 20 20
Ca (%) 1,1 1,0 1,0
P useful(%) 0,6 0,6 0,6
Lysin (%) 1,2 1,0 1,0
Methionin (%) 0,5 – 0,6 0,4-0,5 0,4-0,5

Hygiene and disease prevention for newly hatched chicks

In order for the chicks to grow quickly, people need to regularly clean the incubator and the living environment of the chickens to avoid stagnant water and stagnant water. Change the water frequently for the chickens. Clean drinking water and feed utensils every time the chickens eat. In addition, the environment around the cage should also be disinfected, clean and dry.

One of the ways to raise chickens quickly is when hatching, people need to be fully vaccinated. However, only vaccinate healthy chicks, with the right type, at the right dose, and at the right time.

Date of age Vaccination schedule
3 – 5 Eye and nose drops for chickens with Newcastle vaccine strain F
7 Vaccinate against chickenpox
8 – 10 Gumboro vaccine drops or subcutaneous injection
21 Prevention of Newcastle disease Lasota strain by drinking or mixing with food
23 – 25 Gumboro vaccine booster
30 – 45 Vaccination against septicemia in poultry
Trên 60 Vaccinate chickens with Newcastle disease M strain. Then 6 months later, get a booster shot

You can refer to and apply the antibiotic prevention program for laying hens:

Date of age Antibiotics Prevention
1 – 3 Drink Ampi-Coli, Neomycine Gastrointestinal
11 – 13 Drink Sulfamide hoặc Totazuril Hookworm
17 – 19 Drink Doxycycline + Tylosin Respiratory
24 – 26 Drink Sulfamide hoặc Totazuril Hookworm
35 – 37 Drink Doxycycline + Tylosin Respiratory
40 – 42 Drink Sulfamide hoặc Totazuril Hookworm
45 – 50 Mebendazol, Levamisol Deworming

What food to feed chickens to grow faster?

Feed plays an important role, accounting for 70-75% of the total finished product value in chicken production, especially broiler chicken. So when raising chickens, what should we eat to make chickens grow faster?

In order for chickens to grow quickly, they should not eat too much industrial bran. Broilers or laying hens are basically raised according to the method of barn, free-range, in addition to flour, farmers can also use agricultural and by-products such as rice, corn, broken, broken weight instead of weight gainers. Bones, okara, beer residue, salt, chopped banana stem, bok choy, earthworms, earthworms. This feed is cheap, easy to find and certainly not genetically modified to ensure quality for chickens for sale.

For fighting cocks, they molt and develop sex from the age of 2 months. Raising this commercial game chicken definitely does not use industrial bran because that way the meat will be soft and mushy. Food sources are mainly paddy, rice, in addition, some nutritious foods can be added such as beef, crickets, eels, earthworms, carp, etc., crushed.

Chickens like to eat bran pellets. Therefore, people can grind the by-products into pellets for chickens to eat.

In order to raise livestock effectively, people need to invest in some more equipment and machinery such as ventilation fans, chicken feed processors, feed mills, feed mixers, pellet mills, etc.

Food sources for chickens to grow quickly need to ensure:

  1. Have a separate storage, not mixed with chemicals or other items.
  2. Should be 20 – 50cm high to preserve chicken feed.
  3. When mixing feed, you must follow the rules, proportions and time of each mixing time.
  4. Equipment and machinery after use must be cleaned to remove excess to avoid affecting the next use.
  5. It is necessary to follow the principle of rotation of batches to avoid contamination of mixed feed with non-medicated feed.

Protein helps chickens grow quickly, but if used too much, it will affect health and kill chickens. And if the amount of protein is too little, the chicken will be sick, have diseases, slow growth. You should only maintain the following ratio:

+ Chickens a few weeks old: 19 – 21 %

+ Broilers: 18%+ Laying hens: 16 – 17%

+ Broiler: 12 – 15%

How to raise 2 month old chicks

It is necessary to keep the barn clean and change the water regularly. The cage needs to be airy and has a fan system to deodorize ammonia and decontaminate.

2 month old chicks feed must increase to 55-65 grams/chicken, the food source for chickens begins to become more diverse. The amount of feed must be clean, not stale, moldy, processed in a hygienic manner so that the disease does not penetrate and does not affect the intestines of the chicken.

Recipe for mixing feed for 2-month-old chickens that grow fast

Ingredient Ratio (%)
Cornstarch 30
Rice bran 20
Broken rice 14
Fish meal 14.5
Oilcake 10
You have green beans 10
Bone meal 0.5
Scallop powder 0.5
Foam salt 0.5
Total 100

High Quality Standard Chicken Feed Incubation Products

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  2. Reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases, asthma, blue ears …
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  5. Help pets eat more, sleep more.
  6. Minimize the odor of the barn, food pile/tank (black soldier fly).
  7. The ratio of hooks, lean is high and belongs to clean meat, fragrant meat.
  8. No labor and cost to cook pet food.

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You can apply some formulas to mix feed to raise chickens quickly:

Ingredient Chicken lays egg (%) Broiler (%) Chicken probe (%)
Cornstarch 45 50 40
Rice bran 20 28 20
Broken rice 8 5 10
Fish meal 7 10 5
Oilcake 10 5 5
Green beans 7 10
Bone meal 0.5 0.5 8
Scallop powder 2 1 1
Foam salt 0.55 0.5 0.5
Total 100 100 100

How to care for chickens is the most effective?

To raise chickens quickly, we need to apply different methods to find the most suitable solution for our chickens. According to the experience of previous successful farmers, we have summarized the following:

Provide nutrition

Usually, local chicken farmers let the chickens feed themselves. The main food is usually rice or corn and natural forage

From this nurturing condition, the health of chickens will change according to weather conditions, i.e. chickens have strong reproductive ability in the rainy season. This is because they get a lot of nutrients from weeds and worms.

Both of these feeds are a rich source of vitamins and proteins in the wild, helping chickens grow and stay healthy this season compared to other seasons.

In this season, chicken is easy to eat, well absorbed, so the fat of chicken is very good. In the dry season, chickens often lack natural food. Especially when there is a shortage of water, prepare the chicken in advance.

Principles of feeding

The rules for feeding local chickens are as follows.

1. Should buy synthetic food mixed with natural food available. Mix with rice flour or cornstarch. This mixture is used to feed chickens, especially chicks. Will make chicken grow faster and stronger

2. The use of leftovers to raise chickens should also pay attention to the cleanliness and toxic substances for chickens.

3. If possible, shellfish meal should be added to chicken feed such as shrimp, grasshoppers, etc. This will provide the calcium needed to help solve the problem of thin shells and the problem of pecking hens.

Cách nuôi GÀ TA mau lớn đạt "năng suất cao - lợi nhuận khủng"

4. Should chop hay or some legumes such as sweet potato, acacia leaves or other leaves such as hemp leaves, oil leaves … chopped for chickens to eat to increase the amount of vitamins and protein.

5. Use light to lure insects at night. Using insects as chicken feed will provide chickens with another protein feed, while also helping to kill pests.

6. There should be dedicated food and drink containers. They are made of available materials such as tires or bamboo, containers for water and food should be placed on the chicken’s back.

Pour only 1/3 of the food is enough. For water, clean water should be used for chickens to drink. Food can only be provided in the morning. And just cold Also, let the chickens feed themselves

7. For chicks, feed should be easy to digest and given in small amounts to avoid overworking the chick’s digestive system.

Tips for providing chicken feed

The best way to raise chickens quickly is to know the following notes:

1. During laying and incubation of hens, a special supplementary feed should be provided for hens to keep hens healthy and not to rapidly deplete. And there is no need to go for a hard earned food.

2. During the incubation period of chicks in the coop, feeding only  grain or bran  will make the chicks stunted and unhealthy and can lead to death.

Therefore, it is best to buy protein-rich formula after the incubation period and during the day to allow the chickens to find some natural food. In the evening, the chickens enter the coop, so feed the chickens with ready-made formula milk. Or feed leftovers with a softness that helps the chickens digest well.

3. In the case of raising a large number of chickens. One thing to note is whether the natural food source is sufficient for the number of chickens. If that’s still not enough, it’s best to buy formula to supplement. Otherwise, the chickens will be thin, weak and show signs of illness and death.

4. In addition to using ready-to-use recipes for raising chickens, there is another form of feed that is available in concentrated form. They can be purchased to mix with available ingredients such as flour, corn or dried cassava.

And the existing materials are mixed together according to the calculated ratio. For example if the tuber contains 42% protein, it will be mixed with mash with about 8% protein to form a 19% protein feed formulation to feed the chicks.

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Principles of Chicken Vaccination

  1. Only vaccinate chickens when they are in good condition.
  2. Vaccination should be in the shade, morning and evening, avoiding hot sun. Otherwise this will increase the stress on the chickens and can lead to big losses.
  3. Vaccination should be done according to the vaccine’s instructions, such as an injection into the wing or a nasal drop.
  4. Anti-stress drugs for chickens should be dissolved 1 day after inoculation.
  5. Vaccines should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, depending on the type of vaccine.
  6. Chickens need to be vaccinated immediately. The vaccine should not be stored for a long time because the vaccine loses its effectiveness and should not be left in direct sunlight
  7. Used vaccine vials must be buried or burned or boiled before disposal.
    It’s important to remember that vaccination is not a 100% guarantee of disease prevention, as outcomes are highly dependent on other factors.

Here is a complete set of tips to help you raise chickens quickly. Please apply and use additional products of BSF Smart Farm for the best results.

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