Chicken Feed Blenders and Juicers | With Detailed Mixing Recipe

Build the barn properly

– It is necessary to ensure that the chicken coop is built on a high, airy foundation, the floor of the coop is covered with flat cement with a slope of 3-5 degrees.

– Ensure coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

– Equipping with equipment for eating and taking eggs: Including feeding trays, drinking trays and egg laying trays of chickens; Give the chickens enough water to drink, the feeder system – the drinking trough is clean

Technical chicken raising standards

From 0 to 9 months old

– The amount of food consumed is small, so it is necessary to ensure the nutrient content for them. First 3 weeks of free feeding day and night, after 3 weeks of restricted feeding according to body weight at weeks of age

– When preparing vegetables, people should chop them to make them easy to eat, or mix with mixed bran to stimulate them to eat better.

– Newly hatched chicks are often deficient in vitamin A, so in the first week, they must provide about 2000 IU of vitamin A/chick

– Heavy broiler chickens have a high growth rate, so in the first 2 weeks, protein requirements are high (20-23%) and then gradually decrease.

Summary table of nutritional requirements for chicks in the first 2 weeks

Nutrients Industrial broiler chicken Colored broiler chicken The hen has an egg
ME ( Kcal) 3000 3000 3000
Protein rough (%) 22 20 20
Ca (%) 1.1 1.0 1.0
P useful (%) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Lysin (%) 1.2 1.0 1.0
Methionin (%) 0.5 – 0.6 0.4 – 0.6 0.4 – 0.5

Chicken stage 10 – 20 weeks old

– At this stage, chickens continue to grow but accumulate a lot of fat, for pullets, it is necessary to suppress body weight gain and prevent fat, until it is time to lay eggs to ensure high egg production and hatching. good.

– The amount of feed is reduced to about 50-70% compared to the initial free feed, while the protein and energy are lower than that of laying hens, the feeding of roosters is gradually increased from 580 -108g of feed/head/day.

– Limiting feed intake will contribute to firmer chickens, prolonging the laying period in hens up to 2 weeks, increasing egg production.

Regularly clean the barn, observe the chicken’s activities to promptly adjust when there is an abnormal phenomenon.

Egg-laying stage (over 20 weeks old)

Feed quality directly affects egg production. Feed chickens twice a day, 40% in the morning and 60% in the afternoon.


– If you find that the eggshell is thin or laid prematurely, you must add calcium (mixed with seashells, minced bone meal) in the afternoon diet. If the eggshell is smaller than normal, the amount of food must be increased.

– Each flock of laying hens should only collect eggs 1-2 rearing cycles, because the mortality rate in the next laying cycle will be higher than the previous cycle, egg yield will be reduced by about 15% and the egg production time is shorter than that of the previous cycle. Previously, eggshell quality decreased, feed consumption was higher.

– Use of foods that stimulate egg laying by mixing  with foods such as rice, corn, potatoes, cassava, green vegetables, bean residue or dried peanuts, etc., pressed into pellets. bran.

In the feed, add vitamin C and chloride to cool down, add zinc, fumaric acid to increase feeding and stimulate egg laying for chickens.

– Let chickens dry in the sun regularly to stimulate the production of egg-laying hormones, increase lighting for chickens from 12 to 14 hours a day and continuously for 3 weeks.

– Give chickens enough water to drink

Types of Blenders, Presses for Chicken to Use

Multi-Purpose Grinder

Integrating 3 features ” Chopping green vegetables – Grinding dry agricultural products – Puree crabs, fish, small snails ” in just one support machine, grinding food for broilers, laying hens, chicks.


máy xay nghiền thức ăn cho gà


Salient features:

  • Integrate many features

– Chop: Chop green vegetables, beetroot, banana trees… preliminary processing to make green food for chickens.

– Grinding dry agricultural products: corn kernels, potato slices, cassava slices, etc. into bran powder. The finished product after being corn mill broken into pieces  is not made into a fine powder, making it difficult for poultry to eat.

– Puree: Moreover, people can use the machine to puree crabs, fish, and small snails to increase nutrients when mixing chicken feed.

  • Use a household power source suitable for the power source of the vast majority of households.
  • The sharp knife system consists of 1 large steel knife with 2 blades and 14 small stainless steel knives, crushing raw materials and finished products through the sieve to escape. There are 2 sieves, the hole sieve and the closed sieve according to the machine for people to use in the grinding process.
  • 1 hour of operation for productivity from 150-200 kg/hour
  • “Machine replaces human power”   not only ensures productivity and saves time, but also saves a good amount of money from the amount of money spent on hiring monthly workers.

Notes when using a chicken feed grinder:

  • Check the home electrical system to make sure there is enough load to run the machine
  • Idle the machine for 1-2 minutes to stabilize the engine before starting the process
  • Disassemble the appropriate sieve (Note: Sieve finely chopped fresh ingredients; Closed sieve grinds dry ingredients)
  • After mashed corn, combined with pureed green vegetables, people can give it to pets immediately or press it with a machine to use it gradually.

máy xay thức ăn cho gà

Vertical Shaft Pellet Press Machine

Chicken bran pellet machine, also known as bran pellet machine, is used to make feed pellets for livestock and poultry. By taking advantage of the available crops such as bran flour, corn, green vegetables …. to press nutritional bran members.


máy ép cám viên cho gà

Salient features:

  • Take advantage of the available by-products and crops to make easy-to-eat chicken pellets. Conveniently control the absorption of the flock, avoiding the loss of powdered feed.
  • Motor capacity 3kw – 4kw, with detachable design convenient for people to disassemble during use.
  • One hour of operation gives a yield of 150-200 kg/hour, meeting the needs of small and medium-sized chicken-raising households.
  • The bran pellets, after pressing with a machine with a warm temperature to cool down, can be used immediately for the chicken. Moreover, if not used up, can be dried and stored in a bag for later use.
  • Using 220V civil electricity is suitable for households to livestock farms.

Note when using:

  • Let the machine run idling for 1-2 minutes to check engine stability before starting operation
  • Tighten the 2 screws on the side
  • Ensure the moisture ratio of the mixture
  • Productivity is not high. Therefore, if households raise large numbers, they should refer to machines with larger motors that meet high productivity.

thức ăn cho gà

Prepare ingredients for bran

phối trộn thức ăn cho gà


The process of pressing bran to make pellets for chickens

Recipe for Pressing Bran, Grinding Bran to Make Chicken Feed

Recipe for mixing feed for chicks

  • Cornstarch 30%
  • Rice bran 20%
  • Broken rice 14%
  • Fish meal 14.5%
  • Oil cake 10%
  • Grind green beans 10%
  • Oyster powder 0.5%
  • Foam salt 0.5%

Formula for mixing feed  for laying hens

  • Cornstarch 45%
  • Rice bran 20%
  • Meat meal 8%
  • Fish meal 7%
  • Coconut oil cake 7%
  • Bone meal 0.5%
  • Oyster powder 2%
  • Foam salt 0.5%

Recipe for mixing bran for broilers

  • Cornstarch 50%
  • Rice bran 28%
  • Fish meal 5%
  • Oil cake 10%
  • Shellfish powder 1%
  • Bone meal 0.5%
  • Foam salt 0.5%
  • Coconut oil cake 5%

Once you have determined how to mix chicken feed, your next step is to mix them. To make the mixing of food more convenient, people need to grind the ingredients into a powder, this is to avoid in the chicken feed there are small and uneven seeds.

High Quality Standard Chicken Feed Incubation Products

Products’ use

  • Improve resistance and strengthen the immune system for pets.
  • Reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases, asthma, blue ears …
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and other nutritional supplements.
  • Increase digestion and maximum nutrient absorption and gain weight fast.
  • Help pets eat more, sleep more.
  • Minimize the odor of the barn, food pile/tank (black soldier fly).
  • The ratio of hooks, lean is high and belongs to clean meat, fragrant meat.
  • No labor and cost to cook pet food.

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Products’ use

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  • Reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases: ecoli, salmonella, coccidiosis, enteritis…
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and other nutritional supplements.
  • Helps pets improve resistance, maximize nutrient absorption and strengthen the immune system;
  • Helps to eat more, sleep more, reduce food consumption per weight gain.
  • Reduce the incidence of asthma, blue ears …
  • Minimize the use of antibiotics and other nutritional supplements.
  • The ratio of hook jaw, high lean, provides clean meat

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Above are the uses of a chicken feed mill, along with a recipe for you to grind and press bran pellets on the farm. Hopefully with the above information will help you develop a sustainable farm in the future.


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