Chicken Farming Techniques

Black soldier fly eggs (calcium worms), often used to treat organic by-products at home or on farms, the resulting biomass can be used as a source of protein and calcium rich food for livestock ( chicken, fish, etc.). In addition, the by-products after treatment by black soldier fly larvae can be used directly for soil to help improve soil and increase crop productivity. Black soldier fly eggs are very small, when laid, the eggs incubate for 4 days and hatch into larvae. Let’s find out with BSF Smart Farm.

Techniques for raising chickens in the garden

Why should you raise chickens in the garden?

The consumption of free-range chickens in Vietnam is much higher than that of industrial chickens, so this is an area with long-term potential for development. Do you remember 10 years ago when industrial white chickens were brought into Vietnam in the hope of replacing garden chickens, but until now, domestic chickens are still the most popular. Therefore, raising chickens in the garden has more potential for development. Because chicken is tough, crispy and delicious, industrial chicken is difficult to match. Not only in Vietnam, Southeast Asian countries like free-range chicken, but countries around the world are also gradually switching to consuming this delicious meat. Therefore, free-range chickens are a consumer trend and will bring high economic value! So are you raising it for efficiency? Calcium worms for chickens in the garden? If you are not sure about this type of food, then follow along?

To be able to raise chickens effectively, you also need to pay attention to a few points when preparing it!

– You need to carefully prepare each cage, incubator for chicks, feeder, sand bath, gravel trough.

– Choosing chicks, laying hens must also be considered!

– Regularly clean the barn to ensure that the chickens are healthy, grow quickly and bring high value!

– The most important thing is the source of food for free-range chickens. Chicken calcium worm is the first choice of many families because of its high nutritional content and very cheap price. The calcium worm can be roughly understood as a worm containing a lot of calcium, to be precise, it is the larva of the black soldier fly. It is not only a source of food that provides nutrients for chickens but also helps to manage the environment of the barn ecosystem! What a useful food source, isn’t it?

Nutritional requirements of chickens

We need to learn about the nutritional needs of chickens every day and compare with the nutritional supply of black soldier flies, from which to draw a final conclusion.

Depending on the age and feeding method, the nutritional needs are different. Specifically:


Protein greatly affects the meat quality of chicken.

Protein Needs – Protein of chicken

Above is a table of protein that an individual chicken needs according to the number of weeks of age, in % of the total diet.


Energy plays an important role in chicken metabolism and body functions. If there is a lack of energy, chickens may face a number of problems such as stunting, growth retardation, reduced productivity in breeding birds.

Energy requirements of chickens

For chickens, there are two main forms of energy that need to be provided: Lipid and Glucid.

  • Glucid: provides energy, converts fat and protein to the body, creates energy for chickens to metabolize matter and exercise.
  • Lipids (also known as fats): are nutrients that provide energy more than 2 times higher than glucide. In poultry, lipids provide a part of energy and mainly fat. Chicken needs very little lipid, only about 4%.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins are necessary for the living body of chickens, necessary for metabolism. Groups of vitamins include: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin H and Vitamin B groups.

Minerals play an important role in bone formation in chickens and participate in metabolic activities of the body. The mineral requirement of young and gilt birds is 2 – 3%, in laying birds it is 4 – 7% because it requires a lot of Calcium – Phosphorus to create eggshells.

Nutritional composition of calcium worm larvae

According to studies analyzing the nutrition of black soldier flies. Larvae consist of 35% protein and ±30% crude fat. The protein of this insect is of high quality and is an important food source for chicken and fish farmers. Feed testing has confirmed it to be a suitable substitute for fishmeal.

In addition, black soldier flies also contain 8 – 6.2% calcium and 1 – 1.2% phosphorus. Contributing to providing necessary nutrients for the development of bones and egg shells.

Thus, black soldier fly larvae (calcium worm) can completely make direct food for chickens and bring very good effects.

How to effectively raise chickens with black soldier fly larvae?

Many people want to change the chicken farming model from industrial feed to using black soldier flies but do not know how to do it effectively.

People should raise livestock in a semi-industrial direction, ie a combination of deep feeding of calcium, vegetables and synthetic industrial food. Of which, calcium worms are the main ones.

With a semi-industrial model, calcium worms will provide a huge amount of natural protein, gaining weight quickly. This type of protein is completely safe for human consumption, without fear of residues.

Adding vegetables and fruits will help them absorb natural vegetable protein, this is a very important protein that many chicken farms ignore. It is best to feed the by-products such as soybeans, mung beans, cat beans, white beans, etc. Note that the beans need to be boiled before feeding to the chickens.

In particular, corn (maize) is the best starchy feed for poultry, accounting for 30-50% of the diet. Red corn, yellow corn have a lot of vitamin A, a lot of carotene. Chickens eat corn for meat and yellow egg yolks are very attractive. Chicks eat ground corn, chickens eat corn flakes. Mature chickens can be left whole, but fine corn is still better.

Supplementing with synthetic bran to provide essential minerals for chickens, usually accounts for about 20-30% of the diet.


Thus, you can completely feed your chickens with calcium, they are a good source of protein for chickens, but to achieve the best effect, you should still give them more vegetables and fruits. industrial feed to ensure enough minerals and vitamins. Black soldier fly larvae are also very easy to raise and the cost is also very low, so farmers can save up to 70% of the cost of industrial chicken feed. Happy successful people.

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