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Agriculture – mainstay of the society

Service industries are leading a robust economic transition, however, agriculture’s impact on the economy is no less significant.

For all high-school seniors out there, you are going to embark on a new phase of your life. And if you choose agriculture as your companion, you must be worried terribly about its future, and how it ensures you employment opportunities upon graduation. Today, let’s dive into the latest insights of this industry for you to make smarter career choices.

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating plants and raising animals. It makes use of natural resources to provide communities and industries with essential materials. What about agriculture jobs? In today’s society, agriculture is receiving increased attention and well-covered in more training courses.

Agriculture is neither dull nor boring. In fact, the expanse of agricultural education and the vast number of agricultural students are enough to ease your mind when joining this landscape.

Career path in agriculture

  • Agriculture: If you are interested in this sector, you can manage or sell agricultural products in companies or on farms.
  • Business: If you are looking for jobs after your study of agricultural economics, you can try your abilities in this sector. You can join in the direct selling channel, plan-making stage, or product-designing process.
  • Market research: You can seek opportunities in companies that focus on agriculture research and analysis. 
  • Distribution and supply: As an agricultural graduate, you are entirely capable of handling the distribution, transportation, and supply of agricultural products.

Ideal workplaces

Now you might know what jobs you can apply for with an agricultural degree, let’s move on to where you can find them. There are plenty of organizations that offer agricultural employment, including:

+ Center for Science and Technology Transfer;

+ Institute of Tropical Biology, Research Institute, or Department of Agriculture and Rural Development;

+ Department of Science and Technology, Agricultural Extension Center, Center for Seeds and Seedlings, or Plant Protection Sub-department;

+ Local and international organizations or enterprises;

+ Farm or Agricultural Cooperative;

+ Agricultural Training Institute as lecturers or researchers.

Today, there are various positions and organizations that you can turn to for employment. Besides, agricultural jobs are updated constantly on job search websites. This somehow calms your worried mind a little bit, right?

Career Future

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Building successful farming

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