BSF Smart Farm’s special journey in the field of high-tech agriculture

Join us on a special journey in the field of hi-tech agriculture.

On 12/07/2023, BSF Smart Farm Company, a unit specializing in high-tech agricultural production, deployed a pilot plant to plant queen corn in a large-scale experimental planting area in Thu Duc District, HCMC.

This area has an area of nearly 1000m2 and is located right in the heart of the city.

The goal of this implementation is to prepare for replication through the hi-tech agriculture project.

The highlight in this implementation is the use of a product combo of BSF Smart Farm: Ferti Pro fertilizer & protein solution produced from black bees, also known as black soldier flies.

These are special products, researched and formulated by BSF Biotechnology Research & Development Center (BSF Biotech Center), the company’s technology research and development unit.

Let us introduce you to Ferti Pro’s unique technology and its benefits to the agriculture industry and the environment.

Ferti Pro is a high quality base fertilizer product extracted from black soldier flies.

With sophisticated manufacturing process, we are able to extract important components from black soldier fly such as organic matter, enzymes, and other beneficial substances. Thanks to these ingredients, Ferti Pro not only enhances plant nutrition, but also improves the growth of soil microflora.

Ferti Pro Base Fertilizer is a unique product created from natural ingredients rich in nutrients. The perfect combination of organic and inorganic substances in Ferti Pro creates an optimal environment for plants to thrive. This substrate provides a full range of nutrients and minerals needed by plants, helping to improve soil quality and increase yield.

Protein solution produced from black soldier fly is also a unique initiative of BSF Smart Farm. Black soldier flies are flies capable of processing organic waste and converting it into a nutrient-rich protein solution. Through the process of researching and formulating, BSF Smart Farm company has created a high quality, nutritious and completely natural protein solution. The use of protein from black soldier flies not only helps to reduce environmental waste but also enhances the sustainability of agricultural systems.

The use of the combo of Ferti Pro product and black soldier fly protein solution during the pilot planting of queen corn will bring excellent results. Queen corn plants grow strongly, achieve high yield and very good quality. This is a very important advantage for the high-tech agricultural project that BSF Smart Farm is implementing.

The combination of high technology, smart application and the use of Ferti Pro products from black soldier fly ensures high and sustainable performance for the agricultural industry. By participating in this project, you are not only supporting an innovative agricultural model, but also contributing to environmental protection and building a sustainable future for the community.

This is a remarkable project and promises to attract the attention of investors and distribution partners. BSF Smart Farm is always committed to accompanying investors and distribution partners, providing quality products and effective agricultural solutions. Join us on our journey to change the way we produce and consume food.

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