BSF Smart Farm pays tribute to Vietnam’s veteran farmers on November 20

The ancients had the saying “old farmers grow their fields”, meaning that people who work in fields for many years will accumulate a lot of knowledge, experience, understanding of the fields and be good at farming and related fields.

With boundless love and dedication to the land and fields, Vietnam’s old farmers – a milestone in the country’s history – have been contributing significantly to diverse development. and richness of Vietnam’s agricultural sector.

Farmers are people who are willing to exchange effort, time and difficulties to take care of their land. They are persistent farmers and constantly improve to make the most of natural resources. Whether in the typical drought of the Central region or devastating storms, the old farmer still does not falter and always finds ways to keep his land healthy.

Not only do they take care of their families, old farmers also actively contribute to the food supply chain that provides for the whole society. They are people who work tirelessly to ensure a healthy and safe food source for everyone. Meticulousness and focus on every detail when planting and caring for plants are excellent characteristics of old farmers, helping their products to be of high quality and attract many consumers.

What is admirable about old farmers is their persistence and patience. They know that success does not come overnight, but requires courage and patience. From preparing the land, sowing seeds, caring for them and finally harvesting, farmers constantly work hard to achieve the best results. This patience and endurance are important criteria to help them overcome difficulties and challenges in life.

Through his achievements and contributions, the veteran farmer plays an indispensable role in the development of Vietnam’s agricultural sector. They not only provide an important source of food for the population, but also preserve and protect the land, creating a sustainable living environment. Their passion and dedication come from love for their profession and respect for their country.

On Teachers’ Charter Day, November 20, the entire Board of Directors and employees of BSF Smart Farm Company would like to send the best wishes to the old farmers!

Thank you for your hard work in the agricultural industry, contributing significantly to the development of the country. You are important positions that bring important food sources to everyone.

Wishing you perseverance and good health in your work. Hope that every day, you are always full of energy and achieve great success in growing and caring for plants.

Once again, BSF Smart Farm sincerely thanks you for your contribution and would like to send you best wishes on this occasion. Hope you always have joy and luck in your life and work.

Teachers’ Charter November 20 is not only a day to appreciate the dedicated teachers who teach us in the classroom, but all farmers are also teachers for BSF Smart Farm to honor. BSF Smart Farm and BSF Biotech Center always accompany farmers on their journey to bring Vietnamese and worldwide consumers quality, organically sourced products extracted from Black soldier fly.


Best regards,

Board of Directors of BSF Smart Farm Company.

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