BSF Smart Farm is honored to receive the Dat Viet Enterprises Golden Star Award 2023

On September 10, 2023, at the Military Theater No. 140 Cong Hoa, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, the Dat Viet Enterprises Golden Star Award ceremony took place.

The awards ceremony aims to honor successful businesses and make significant contributions to the country’s economic development, while emphasizing the credibility and quality of service that these businesses provide.

The award ceremony was broadcast live on HTV1 channel, Ho Chi Minh City Television. One of the award recipients at this event was Mr. Vo Minh Vuong, Director of BSF Smart Farm Company.

He is a young CEO who is talented and very dedicated to his profession. He and his team of scientific experts constantly learn and improve products to bring to the market the best high-tech biotechnology products at the cheapest prices so that farmers can easily access them and meet their standards. Best high quality products service.

All product lines produced by BSF Smart Farm Company put consumer benefits and health first.

For this reason, BSF Smart Farm company was voted and honored by agencies and departments to receive the Dat Viet Enterprises Golden Star Award  today.

BSF Smart Farm Company has made continuous efforts in researching and applying smart technology to the agricultural industry.

The productivity and quality of agricultural products originating from black soldier flies (BSF) with the exclusive formula of the BSF Biotechnology Research & Development Center (BSF Biotech R&D Center) provided by the company have been approved widely recognized in the community.

The award ceremony took place with the participation of many famous and prestigious people in the economic industry. 

Among them, Dr. Bui Van Quyen – Director of the Institute for Anti-Fraud and Counterfeit Goods, Mr. Trieu Van Thin, Chairman of Hanoi Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection Association were also present at the event.

The Dat Viet Enterprises Golden Star Award ceremony contributed to creating a solemn atmosphere and enhancing the pride of entrepreneurs and the entire BSF Smart Farm company.

This is also an opportunity to introduce BSF Smart Farm‘s company and products to potential domestic and foreign customers and partners.

The event was a great success and marked a new step in the development journey of BSF Smart Farm. BSF Smart Farm Company is very proud and committed to continuing to offer the best products and services that bring practical benefits to consumers and society.

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