BSF Smart Farm has improved and reached new heights when applying the 5S (Kaizen) management process

BSF Smart Farm Company is proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of green, clean and safe agricultural development.

BSF Smart Farm has shown significant improvement and reached new heights after successfully applying the 5S (Kaizen) management process to all Departments, Divisions and Manufacturing Plants.

This was achieved thanks to the thorough and systematic training of all employees under the direction of the BSF Smart Farm board of directors and the advice of Dr. Moc Que, a World Record holder achieved incredible success in this field.

 The 5S management process includes Sort (Seiri), Arrange (Seiton), Clean (Seiso), Care (Seiketsu), Prepare (Shitsuke), has helped us create an effective working environment , clean and neat. This not only helps us improve production efficiency but also creates a convenient, comfortable and professional working environment for employees.

After 4 years since its establishment, BSF Smart Farm has also made continuous efforts in researching and applying smart technology to the agricultural industry to improve productivity and product quality. In particular, BSF Smart Farm has developed an exclusive formula from black soldier flies at the BSF Biotechnology Research & Development Center (BSF Biotech R&D Center) to ensure origin and the quality of agricultural products meets the highest standards.

Applying the 5S (Kaizen) management process has brought many significant benefits to BSF Smart Farm. First of all, this process has created a clean, neat and organized work environment. Properly organizing, removing unnecessary items and maintaining daily hygiene has helped the company save time and optimize work processes. This means increased productivity and production efficiency.

In addition, the 5S process also makes an important contribution to improving product quality. Being organized helps find and use resources economically and effectively. Periodic cleaning procedures along with the sequentiality of production activities ensure that the company always complies with quality standards and meets customer requirements in the best way.

The direction of the BSF Smart Farm board of directors and the advice of Dr. Moc Que – a World record holder in this field have played an important role in achieving success. Employees have been thoroughly and thoroughly trained to implement the 5S process effectively and in harmony with the company’s goals and philosophy.


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