BSF Smart Farm guides farmers in raising commercial calcium worms – 5 to 14 days old

When the calcium worm is about 5 days old, the amount of food in the plastic tray is not much left and it turns black. We need to move the calcium worms to a larger trough made of cement/tarpaulin like raising cinnamon worms for easy care and a comfortable living space for the calcium worms to grow.

The floor of the trough needs to be flat to easily remove manure, the walls of the cage are smooth so that the worms can crawl out for easy collection.

Biomass thickness is about 5-7cm, density is about 10-15kg deep/m2. If the biomass is too thick/high density, the biomass will be very hot, the worms will find a way to crawl away, losing weight due to high heat. The amount of food the calcium worm consumes per day is equal to its body weight.

Cement floor trough

The trough is made of canvas

When the calcium worms are about 14-16 days old, we can harvest them to make food for pets.

Some things to note: we must clearly determine which trough is used to raise finished products and which trough is used for breeding. Reason:

Raising finished products: It is necessary to adjust the amount of food so that by the day of harvest, the amount of food is almost completely digested by the worms. At that time, the dry biomass is easy to harvest and also contributes to saving food costs for the worms. When raising finished products, we can feed them agricultural waste foods and manure.

Breeding: Different from finished product farming, breeding food for worms requires better nutrition such as: bean residue, trash fish or a mixture of foods, ensuring adequate protein for the larvae. We need to add enough food every 1-2 days to avoid starving the worms. It is necessary to control the amount of food just enough, avoid adding too much food. If the larvae do not eat it all, it will rot and water will flow, making the worms unable to eat all the food.

Conclusion: Raising flies, the quality of food for larvae must ensure adequate nutrients – Food moisture is 60-90% for calcium worms over 7 days old, the more pureed the food, the easier it is for calcium worms to eat and digest. chemistry. It is necessary to wear a mask when cultivating biomass or harvesting larvae because ammonia gas is very harmful to health. The worms reach maximum size at 14-16 days of age, harvesting at this stage is best for livestock to eat.

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