BSF Smart Farm gives gifts to people to welcome the Lunar New Year 2023 in Phuoc Thanh commune, Cu Chi

Continuing the meaningful tradition of the Vietnamese nation, it is the communication of mutual love and affection, good leaves protect torn leaves. Thank you to the Military Command of District 3 for acting as a bridge for businesses, including BSF Smart Farm Company, to have the opportunity to dedicate their hearts to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. Unlucky circumstances, meaningful gifts in the New Year to spring in 2023.

On January 7, 2023, Project Manager – Mr: Vo Minh Vuong & Head of Marketing – Mr: Le Thanh Tuan Ngoc of BSF Smart Farm Company had a trip to give gifts to disadvantaged people at BSF Smart Farm. Phuoc Thanh commune, Cu Chi district.

Early in the morning, people come very crowded and full. Everyone looks forward to receiving the first gift, making these volunteers very happy.

BSF Smart Farm Company is very happy to give gifts to relatives so that this Tet everyone’s family is happy & feels the love is always around and ready to share.

During this meaningful trip, BSF Smart Farm Company also had the opportunity to meet and interact intimately with Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Hang – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. She said there are still many people in very difficult circumstances who need help and should multiply many golden hearts with the contributions of businesses and sponsors.

Her words are also the motivation for BSF Smart Farm to try harder to create clean food supplements and probiotics that are 100% extracted from black bee larvae (black soldier fly-BSF) to serve. for farming and animal husbandry.

BSF Smart Farm Company applies a high-tech research and production process to create products with the most reasonable price. Helping farmers have the highest quality breeding and planting season, bringing value. economy for farmers and growers.

Let’s spread this meaningful message with BSF Smart Farm to more people.

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