BSF Smart Farm Company’s Board of Directors congratulates Dr. Moc Que – world record holder on his birthday.

On December 4, 2023, the Board of Directors of BSF Smart Farm company came to encourage and congratulate Dr. Moc Que on his birthday – a legend in the scientific community and also the world’s leading record holder.

The Board of Directors and BSF Smart Farm staffs came to wish him a happy birthday.

Dr. Moc Que is not only the President of the BIO NANO MQA Research Institute, but also plays an important advisory role at this unit. Notably, Bsf Biotech Center – a division of BSF Smart Farm company is directly and enthusiastically supported by the BIO NANO MQA Research Institute. This proves BSF Smart Farm‘s commitment and consensus in supporting and developing the field of smart biotechnology.

We would like to wish Dr. Moc Que a birthday filled with joy and many successes in his career. Hopefully, his research will continue to bring great breakthroughs in the biotechnology industry and bring benefits to the entire community, especially the Vietnamese agricultural industry.

BSF Smart Farm and Bsf Biotech Center would like to sincerely thank Dr. Moc Que for his continued support, development and affirmation of his sustainable position in the field of biotechnology and smart agriculture.

BSF Biotech R&D Center always welcomes experts, scientists, and knowledgeable friends to accompany BSF Biotech R&D Center to… “donating talent is making money” in an era where the field of Biotechnology is on the rise.

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