BSF Smart Farm Company received “The Best of Vietnam 2023” award for excellent product and service brands in the Vietnam market

“The Best of Vietnam 2023” will be solemnly held on October 8, 2023 at the Southern Military Theater, City. Ho Chi Minh City and broadcast live on VTC6 – VTC digital television station.

Brand is a factor that has a strong impact on consumers’ buying psychology – because it creates the image, reputation, strength of the product/goods in the market and of course will be a tool to promote business. effective and profitable for the business. At the national level, building strong, highly competitive brands and products with wide coverage in domestic and foreign markets will contribute to promoting the country’s economic development and improving its national image. to the international community.

“The Best of Vietnam” program aims to find excellent product and service brands in the Vietnamese market from the consumer’s perspective, according to evaluation criteria from the consumer perspective, combined with direct assessment of business activities according to specific criteria of the Organizing Committee (Organizing Committee), appraisal and recognition. At the same time, the program aims to promote the implementation of the campaign “Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods” according to the policy launched by the Politburo.

The program is organized by the Intellectual Property & Creativity Magazine and the Science Council of the Vietnam Businessmen’s Science Union. The program is implemented in 05 months and will be announced in October 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City.

More than 4 years since its founding, BSF Smart Farm company has made continuous efforts in researching and applying smart technology to the agricultural industry.

The productivity and quality of agricultural products originating from black soldier flies  with the exclusive formula of the BSF Biotechnology Research & Development Center (BSF Biotech R&D Center) provided by the company have been approved. widely recognized in the community.

All product lines produced by BSF Smart Farm Company put consumer benefits and health first.

For this reason, BSF Smart Farm company has been voted and honored by industry agencies to receive the title “The Best of Vietnam 2023”, honoring the most prestigious brands, products and services voted for. Select and announce, helping consumers recognize good, quality products that match consumer brands and is a driving force for businesses to improve quality and meet the increasing needs of consumers. about Vietnamese goods.

We invite partners, customers and farmers to see details of The Best Of Vietnam 2023 award program for BSF Smart Farm company!!!

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