BSF Smart Farm Company is a unit that always wants to incubate knowledge for poor students to overcome difficulties

BSF SMART FARM recently demonstrated the spirit of learning encouragement by giving awards to excellent students and supporting disadvantaged students at Ward 5 Secondary School, Go Cong Town, Tien Giang Province.

 At the closing ceremony of the school year on May 25th, 2023, Production Director Ngo Minh Duong, on behalf of BSF SMART FARM’s management board, presented the awards to hard-working students in the whole school.


With a total of 40 million VND, the awards were given to encourage excellent students and support disadvantaged students in their studies. By doing so, BSF SMART FARM has demonstrated its commitment to improving the local education system and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

BSF SMART FARM‘s spirit of learning encouragement has been demonstrated through its strong support for the young generation in the community. This not only expands students’ access to education but also motivates them to strive for academic success.

The success of this initiative can be seen through positive feedback from the school, students, and other members of the community, as they all express appreciation for the company’s educational encouragement efforts.

We congratulate the success of the program and hope that it will continue to grow and inspire other companies to contribute to the development of the local education system.