BSF Smart Farm Company gradually applies and perfects the Japanese 5S management process (Kaizen method).

More than 4 years since its founding, BSF Smart Farm company has made continuous efforts in researching and applying smart technology to the agricultural industry.

The productivity and quality of agricultural products originating from Black Soldier Flies  with the exclusive formula of the BSF Biotechnology Research & Development Center (BSF Biotech R&D Center) provided by the company have been approved. widely recognized in the community not only in Vietnam but also internationally.

All product lines produced by BSF Smart Farm Company put consumer benefits and health first.

To achieve great achievements like today, BSF Smart Farm has applied and perfected Japan’s pioneering 5S management process in all Departments, Divisions and Manufacturing Plants of the company. This process has helped BSF Smart Farm improve work efficiency, create a clean, safe working environment and strengthen organization throughout the company.

The 5S process includes five steps:

  1. Seiri (Screening)
  2. Seiton (Arrangement)
  3. Seiso (Cleanliness)
  4. Seiketsu (Squirrel hunting)
  5. Shisuke (Ready)

We combine these methods to build a creative, effective and dynamic working environment, creating an attraction for domestic and international partners and investors.

The 5S process is an effective method of managing and arranging workspaces. It is divided into five steps, each of which addresses a specific aspect of organizing and managing work in the work environment. Let’s go step by step with me:

  1. Seiri (Screening): The first step in the 5S process is screening. It aims to get rid of unnecessary items, unused furniture, old goods, damaged or no longer usable equipment. This step helps reduce waste and create a cleaner, more attractive workspace.
  1. Seiton (Sort): Next is the sorting step, where all the remaining items are arranged in a neat, logical and easy-to-find manner. This will help increase work productivity and reduce time spent searching for furniture and tools during work.
  1. Seiso (Cleanliness): The third step in the 5S process is cleanliness. This is an important step to maintain cleanliness and ensure a safe working environment. Performing routine cleaning and cleaning of machinery, tools, equipment and workspaces will help reduce the risk of accidents and improve product quality.
  1. Seiketsu (Care): The seiketsu step focuses on maintaining and developing what was done in the previous three steps. At the same time, this step also emphasizes maintaining the arrangement process and maintaining a clean working environment. Advanced control and continuous processes are applied to ensure the effectiveness of 5S throughout the work process.
  1. Shisuke (Ready): The final step in the 5S process is readiness. This step emphasizes creating a work culture that is open to change and helps maintain the results achieved from the previous steps. Periodically inspecting, evaluating and improving the 5S process will keep work progressing in a way that identifies and resolves emerging problems & product.

The 5S process aims to create a clean, neat and efficient working environment. By applying 5S principles, BSF Smart Farm company has increased productivity, reduced waste and improved work & product quality.

Successfully applying this 5S management process, BSF Smart Farm company is currently attracting domestic and international partners and investors by creating a professional, effective and sustainable working environment. We are confident that our 5S process will bring great benefits to both the company and our cooperation partners.

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