BSF Smart Farm calcium worm – effective solution in livestock farming

Why is calcium worm the best solution for livestock at this time?

There is a big question that livestock farmers always ask: How to raise livestock more effectively? One of the extremely important factors given is reducing feed costs in animal husbandry.

The solution to minimizing feed costs in livestock farming is reasonable in today’s times.

The Covid-19 situation has become extremely tense, causing import and export to stagnate. Agricultural product prices are increasing, making livestock farming more difficult every day.

To optimize livestock costs today, BSF Smart Farm Company would like to share the use of dried calcium worms (black soldier flies larvae) – a food source that should be utilized to bring the most efficiency to livestock feed.

1. What is dry calcium worm? What is their nutritional composition?

Dried calcium worms are essentially the process of drying fresh calcium worms, but still retaining an extremely high nutritional content.

BSF Smart Farm would like to share about the nutritional composition of dried calcium worms:

43 – 51% protein

15-18% fat

8% – 6.2% calcium

1-1.2% phosphorus

The numbers just given may not be 100% accurate. But through those numbers we can see that the nutritional level in dried calcium worms is very high.

2. Using Calcium Worms (Black Soldier Fly Larva) Dried

You can directly use dried calcium worms as a food source. Koi fish, Arowana fish, Dragon fish… can all eat them. In addition, rabbits, hamsters, and pet dogs can all directly use dried calcium worms.

You can also take advantage of dried calcium worms and press them into bran pellets to use for poultry. During the process of pressing bran pellets with dry calcium worms, you should add rice bran powder and cornstarch.

Utilizing calcium worms (Black Soldier Fly Larva) in livestock farming is bringing high efficiency. Feeding fresh larvae to edible animals is a good practice. But if you want to preserve it longer term, the number of fresh worms will not be enough to eat. Then dry calcium worms are the solution to this problem.

BSF Smart Farm Company has many years of experience in raising black bees (black soldier flies). For many years, BSF Smart Farm Company has always received the trust and enthusiastic support of customers. Products such as black soldier fly eggs, Liqui Pro biological product, fresh and dried calcium worms… We all commit and guarantee product quality.

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