BSF Smart Farm and representatives of Japan’s Jica group discussed cooperation in the field of green agriculture

With efforts and putting all our heart and soul into each product. BSF Smart Farm has combined with BSF Biotech Center and many scientists. Including high-level advice from Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Van Hien to create the best nutritional formula extracted from Black Soldier Fly larvae for each type of crop and livestock. Mr. Hien is the former vice principal of Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry.

With the desire to bring the best organic products and the most competitive prices, helping farmers reduce the burden of input costs and increase their economy after each harvest. Mr. Vo Minh Vuong – Project Director and all members of BSF Smart Farm company always monitor and absorb people’s opinions to improve the quality of products from Black Soldier Fly larvae.

With the trust and love of farmers over the past 4 years. BSF Smart Farm has also affirmed its position in today’s quite competitive market. The company’s efforts have been recognized by competent authorities through awards for product quality, strong brands, star entrepreneurs entering Vietnam, anti-counterfeit goods, etc.

With resounding successes in the country, BSF Smart Farm’s name has reached international level. International partners in the field of green agriculture are very confident and have come to Vietnam to learn about the company. Including Jica Group – one of the largest corporations in Japan. They are looking for businesses that are selling purely natural organic products such as Black Soldier Fly.

Today, September 23, 2023. Director of BSF Smart Farm – Mr. Vo Minh Vuong and representative of Jica Group – Mr. Yu Yamamoto had a second discussion to finalize the cooperation proposals of the two sides. This is the final step towards long-term cooperation, together bringing clean organic products to the international level and expanding production scale to bring the best products at the most accessible prices, helping farmer are strongly encouraged to give up chemical products.

Let’s create miracles with BSF Smart Farm from biological products extracted from Black Soldier Fly.

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The reception of partners from Japan marked the international development of BSF SMART FARM

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