BSF Smart Farm accompanies people to their hometown to welcome Tet 2023 with bus number 7+

Everyone wishes that when Tet comes, they can return to their hometown to celebrate Tet and reunite with their family after 1 year away from home to build their dreams and career. But few people are lucky, many people still secretly wish to have a bus ticket to return to their homeland to reunite with their family. Some people have passed many years but still cannot afford to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet with their family.

He has repeatedly contacted volunteer units to join hands to help many people far from home have the opportunity to return to their hometown to celebrate Tet with their families. BSF Smart Farm Company has been contacted with Bus 7+, a 0-VND bus to bring people back to their hometown to celebrate Tet in 2023 with joy and warmth.

Before the bus departed to take them home, BSF Smart Farm Company had the opportunity to congratulate and encourage them to feel secure because around them, there are still many benefactors who are always ready to support and help them all. me. Many lucky people received meaningful valuable gifts before getting on the bus.

BSF Smart Farm Company is also honored to receive a letter of thanks from the Organizing Committee of Bus 7+ before the 0-dong bus departs. So many mixed emotions of sadness and joy make us feel warm when we see people holding a bus ticket to go home. Because Tet is the New Year of reunion, Tet is about having to come together with family to tell each other the stories that have been experienced in a year far away. Let’s create happy laughter together to make Tet warm and happy.

BSF Smart Farm company always wants to have lots of 0-dong buses to help more people return to their hometown to reunite with their families. Wishing you and all many people to welcome the Lunar New Year with joy and full of laughter.

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