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Black Soldier Fly Manure Is A Very Good Fertilizer For Clean Agriculture

The increasing development of the agricultural sector is that the demand for fertilizers in Vietnam is increasing, about 50-60 million tons / year. The current source of production and import of organic fertilizers in Vietnam is only about 3.2 million tons / year. Therefore, it is predicted that organic fertilizers will be a lot of […]

5 Ideal Conditions For Black Soldier Fly Larvae Farming

Are you researching BSF? Are you looking for the ideal conditions for the larvae to grow? You are having a lot of questions how to raise the BSF larvae effectively and which conditions to help the larvae develop well? Usually the environmental conditions and optimal food sources for BSF larvae are basically as follows: Climate & […]

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Are Used As A High Quality Food Source For Chicken

The use of BSF larvae as a blending product of animal feed is increasingly popular. Recently, a study by Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea, aimed to determine whether the growth performance and gut health of chickens in farms can be affected by eating BSF larvae or not ? Let’s join Kimmy’s farm for a brief […]

Black soldier fly egg

What are Black soldier fly eggs used for? You need to find black soldier fly eggs for breeding from the professional farm? BSF Smart Farm specializes in supplying healthy black soldier fly eggs, 4-day-old soldier fly larvae for widely breeding in large herds. Please contact us for assistance in breeding this black soldier fly. BSF […]


Hello, everyone. The black soldier fly is not a newly discovered species. In fact, BSF has been studied for years in order to maximize its agricultural profitability. However, a document fully elaborating on BSF is not easy to find. That is why today BSF Smart Farm will put together all necessary information for your ease […]