Black Soldier Fly Larvae Are Used As A High Quality Food Source For Chicken

The use of BSF larvae as a blending product of animal feed is increasingly popular. Recently, a study by Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea, aimed to determine whether the growth performance and gut health of chickens in farms can be affected by eating BSF larvae or not ? Let’s join Kimmy’s farm for a brief summary of that research in the article below.

You are wondering the following issues if BSF larvae used as chicken feed:

  • Is it good for chicken to eat BSF larvae?
  • Is it possible for chickens to eat BSF larvae permanently?
  • How good are BSF larvae for a chicken farm?

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Used To Replace Chicken Food Feed

Prices of livestock feed are rapidly increasing, leading to increased costs in chicken farms. So now, people have started to study cheaper alternatives feed for the poultry industry. BSF larvae have been being the number 1 priority as a supplement to or a substitute for traditional poultry feed. More research of the fly’s effects on chicken meat quality will help us gain new information and knowledge. BSF larvae are being prioritized as an alternative source of raw materials for traditional animal feed. Because BSFs’ ability is to grow rapidly, adapt to the environment very quickly, they can convert large amounts of feed or animal waste, agricultural residues of poultry farms to be a source of protein and fat during the growth of this fly.

The Nutrition Of Black Soldier Fly Larvae Is Good For Chicken

BSF larvae (also known as calcium worms) are black soldier fly larvae, they contain: up to 40% protein, rich amount of essential amino acids, over 28% fat, and lots of minerals that chicken also like as calcium and phosphorus. In addition, BSF larvae also contain medium chain of fatty acids such as lauric acid, which is known to have an antibacterial effect on gut bacteria, helping to keep pets healthier. With the abundance of Protein & Calcium & Fat presenting in BSF, livestock engineers think these calcium and fat will help chickens grow better. The protein of BSF larvae results in higher quality eggs. Calcium is also an important nutrient for the eggs’ feathers, bones and shells. Without calcium, chickens can have bone disease, eggs letting out will have soft shell, which reduces the quality of those eggs.

Summary of nutrients found in BSF larvae include:

  • Protein: 43 – 51%.
  • Fat: 30 – 34%
  • Calcium: 6.2 – 8%
  • Phosphorus: 1 – 1.2%

Methods of Studying The Effect Of Fly larvae on chickens

In the study, the poultry industry engineers have used a research based on comparison. Korean engineers selected 450 1-day-old male broilers for study. Then the engineers divided the chickens into 3 small herds and they are assigned 3 different diets for 30 days with a serving size of 50g of feed / kg, to compare the results based on the quality of the chicken.

Preparation of chickens for study includes a total of 450 chicks as follows:

  • Herd 1: 150 chicks of a day old.
  • Herd 2: 150 chicks of a day old.
  • Herd 3: 150 chicks of a day old.

The diet of 3 chickens in 30 days is detailed as follows:

  • Diet 1: Soybean meal + corn oil.
  • Diet 2: Soybean meal + coconut oil.
  • Diet 3: Soybean meal + oil pressed from BSF larvae.

The diets of 3 chicken flocks are detailed as follows: 

  • Herd 1: 50g of feed / kg
  • Herd 2: 50g of feed / kg
  • Herd 3: 50g of feed / kg

As a result, Black Soldier Fly larvae are good for chickens

The results were compared, the third herd of chickens that were fed with the oil of BSF larvae in the diet increased the weight and height at the 30th day after hatching better than the first herd and the second herd. Herd of chickens fed containing BSF larvae had a higher saturated fatty acid content, prevailing in lauric and myristic acids compared to chickens fed with corn oil. In addition, the chicken’s resistance to some diseases is also improved compared to the rest of the herds. So we see that chicken feed containing BSF larvae will help chickens convert and digest the food they eat highly. Fat in BSF larvae helps chickens grow better. So it is concluded that BSF larvae can be a very good supplement or substitute for chickens.

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